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Meet 2022’s most inspiring and dynamic business leaders who are making noise in the industry for all the right reasons.
The pro-Indian government militia, Ikhwan-ul-Muslimeen—that targeted Pakistan-backed militants in Kashmir—was launched in 1993 by popular folk singer-turned militant Kuka Parray
In Uttar Pradesh, especially, encounter killings have become the new normal and have gained wider acceptability among civilians as well as law enforcement agencies in the past few years.
The culture of rifles among Adivasis, aided by the ever-increasing deployment of paramilitary forces, has permanently mutated the central Indian forests in Chhattisgarh.
The highest levels of government keep encouraging police, paramilitary and army units to eliminate “undesirables” even as the public cheers the rogue elements from the sidelines
The secret killings are not the first cases of alleged extrajudicial killings in Assam. Since the 1990s, individual cases of extrajudicial killings have been reported in the state.
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It starts with the right leadership to start a business and carry on with it. Meet 2022’s most inspiring and dynamic business leaders who are making noise in the industry for all the right reasons. Their expertise, skills, and hard work are setting new paths for the next generation. Learn how these business leaders followed their passion and achieved their goals. 
1.Sushant Singh, Co-Founder, Me:ette 
Sushant Singh, Co-Founder, Me:ette ventured into the domain of entrepreneurship during his education in Marketing from IIPM, Delhi in 2012. He is into steel manufacturing & exports and started his career at early stage with less experience and knowledge continuously learning each day and running successfully from the past 12 years Catering to domestic and international market. Sushant Singh is keen to incubate fresh business ideas & is on a mission to support innovative ideas. Being a keen foodie & realising the huge market for artisanal deserts, Sushant wanted to bring a fresh perspective to the bakery industry, his relentless hard work led to the development of Me:ette, an exclusive collection of gourmet bakery where taste and aesthetics finds perfect balance. Sushant feels Me:ette is here to provide their consumers one-of-a-kind experience that allows people to relish the curated taste, unimaginable design and aroma of each product.  Ensuring growth of individuals along with the organization, his objective has always been to move up the chain of operation by expansion, profits and sustainability. Sushant aspires to become a much more successful entrepreneur in the industry in coming years. He has also funded beign angle fund to other businesses as well continues to do more. Responsible for carrying out operations, finances and managing the overall business marketing strategy, he plays a pivotal role in deciding the due course of the organization. 
2.Supritha Ramesh, Co-Founder, Sash Products 
Supritha. A. R started her journey of well- being ever since her college days. During her first year in dentistry to writing research papers on innovative concepts in development of Dentistry and help patients get rid of their pain and grief. She has now become a Trichologist and is helping thousands of people in bringing back their smile, lost teeth, lost hair and confidence which has given her more satisfaction than anything. Her mission is to reach out to each individual, be it middle class or lower middle in helping them solving their hair issues by giving them the world’s best remedies. She wants to spread awareness about hair and its myths. Her vision helps her achieve her goals. She believes in living in the present and working for a better tomorrow. She has evolved a lot and is trying to be the best version of herself. She visualizes herself on being on top of her work and her life entirely. 
3.Adarsh Rai, Founder & CEO – Job Giffy  
A young entrepreneur with 14+ years of experience in Human Resources at diverse levels. NBFC, US IT Staffing, Hotels, Real Estate, KPO, Telecom, Travel & Tourism, Insurance, and IT are some industries where Adarsh has provided consulting services or worked directly. Adarsh is a people person and at the end of the day, networking and building meaningful relationships is something that he truly cherishes. Job Giffy is a Job Search Support Portal embedded with an inbuilt Resume Builder App and an Applicant Tracking System with Video Interview Capabilities at the push of a button. We bring Colleges, Small Training Institutes, Students, and MSMEs on a single platform to make the hiring journey simplified and rewarding for both companies and students. We are on a mission to empower 1 million students in Tier 2/ 3 Indian Cities by 2032 and simultaneously provide an employable workforce to MSMEs.  
4.Yogesh Shinde, Founder, Bamboo India 
Yogesh Shinde, first generation Social Entrepreneur from Pune. Completed masters in computer management from Pune University. Served 14 years in IT companies around the world including Europe, USA, UK region on various level from Assistant software developer to Associate Vice President in Barclays Bank, London. During 5 years of outside of India stays realised that Indian agriculture needs more innovative & new generation entrepreneurs who will work with farmers closely. So decided to come back to India & started Bamboo India mission. It's mission to change Bamboo perception from poor man timber to wise man's timber. It's not only for the income but for the outcome. Bamboo India is now working with direct employment of 32 staff, 250 indirect associates, 4000+ farmers across India & 60000+ customers network across globe. Collectively Bamboo India saved 22.5 lacs kg of plastic waste using innovative bamboo products in last 5.5 years. 
5.Reveka Setia, Makeup Artist & Founder, Reveka Makeup Studio & Academy 
In the sphere of makeup and beauty, Reveka Setia is an idol. Established in Chandigarh, she runs Reveka Makeup Studio & Academy to train her students. Her studio is bent to develop different looks for customers. Students enrol to learn from the best makeup school. From base to lipstick her makeup is perfect and stunning eternally. From Delhi to her hometown Rajpura, she has been broadening her work. Her Academy is establishing ideals for flawless and natural-looking makeovers and is also recognized for the looks curated for Urvashi Rautela. Reveka presently has 2 studios in Rajpura and Chandigarh but she is aspiring to increase her venture to Delhi. Highly regarded for their thorough mastery of both Indian and Western traditions. Likewise, they acknowledge the maxim 'Embrace Yourself'. She creates party makeup, bridal makeup, and pre-wedding makeup to make you look your best on your special day. Besides doing clientele makeup, she runs a full-fledged academy. Her studio is the most desired in the city in terms of exemplary. 
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