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Text-to-speech is useful in several scenarios, and this guide will show you some of the most creative ways you can use the technology.
Technology can be both practical and creative, and text-to-speech is a great example of how the two can integrate. While the software was initially created for people with visual disabilities, it is now also being used to produce music, add a comedic element to videos, and save money and time on expensive voice actors.
If you're curious about the creative ways you can use text-to-speech technology, keep on reading.
A few decades ago, people would have questioned the concept of an AI artist, but in recent years the idea is gaining popularity, particularly in East Asia. Perhaps one of the best-known AI artists is Hatsune Miku, who was developed by Crypton Future Media using Vocaloid software.
But you don't necessarily need to use Vocaloid in your music productions; regular text-to-speech can be just as creative, either as a small segment or for the entirety of a song. It is especially popular in electronic music. Check out this song that uses text-to-speech:
TikTok has popularized using text-to-speech over videos in recent years, often for comedic effect, but text-to-speech has been used for years on other platforms like YoutTube. If you're looking for an easy way to add voiceovers to your videos, check out our tutorial on how to use the text-to-speech feature in Podcastle.
The software not only makes social media more accessible, but it's perfect for anyone who wishes to stay anonymous on the web or for those who are not comfortable using their own voice.
Additionally, it's easier to create a great text-to-speech voiceover than it is having to retake vocal recordings, which is often time-consuming, requires multiple takes, and might need specific software that is difficult to use or expensive to buy.
Below is an example of how a YouTuber uses the technology to make the video below more entertaining.
When you're promoting your company, product, or brand, it's important to make certain that your advertising is not only accessible but also interesting. Since humans are multifaceted beings who engage with the world differently, the best way to approach a promotional video is to include as many interactive elements as possible.
If you're just showing words on a screen, chances are a chunk of people won't be able to read it, and another bunch won't engage because they simply aren't interested. However, add a voice, and suddenly you have their full attention. Check out the advert below for Ivona TTS (used in the video) that can convert text to speech in any language.
Download: Ivona for Android (Free)
However, if you're not on Android, have a look at these free sites and extensions for online text-to-speech tools that work on a variety of devices.
Just like promotional videos, some people do not have the time or patience to read an article, especially because modern living is so fast-paced, and our attention spans are limited. If you can add text-to-speech to your website, you give people the opportunity to multitask and save time while listening to your articles.
Additionally, voiceovers for your articles can make them more compelling, especially if they're on the longer side, and if you give the reader the option to choose a speaker they connect with, they're more likely to digest the information.
Are you in school, or do you work for a business? If you're frequently doing presentations, then text-to-speech can assist the delivery. Some people are more audio-inclined and are more likely to participate when they hear the spoken word, but if your presentation is particularly long, you might choose not to vocalize much; this is where voice-overs can be helpful.
Additionally, depending on who you're presenting to and what software you use, text-to-speech can also assist with language barriers. Some text-to-speech software lets you choose between a variety of accents, while others will translate to a whole other language.
With the busy world we live in, we might not have time to sit and proofread the work we do, but we can listen. If you're pushed for time and unable to diligently scan your work, text-to-speech can read aloud what you've written, and you will hear if you've made any errors. This way, you can do other tasks while essentially proofreading.
Whether you're creating content for entertainment purposes or wanting to communicate in more accessible ways, text-to-speech has so many possibilities;. The technology is advancing and becoming more readily available, so there really is no excuse not to use it.
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