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Sunday papers’ front pages focus on Prince and Princess of Wales on day of King Charles III’s proclamation
Much of the British press on Sunday focused their front pages on the walkabout by the newly titled Prince and Princess of Wales with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on Saturday night at Windsor Castle, where they inspected tributes left to their grandmother the Queen.
There were various interpretations of what the joint appearance by William and Harry, and their spouses, meant. For the Sunday Telegraph, they were “reunited in sorrow”. Stating that the four had “rarely been seen together” since Harry and Meghan announced their intention to step back from royal duties, the paper said they put aside their differences.
The front page of tomorrow's Sunday Telegraph:

'Reunited in sorrow'#TomorrowsPapersToday

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The People said they were united in “peace for gran”.
Sunday People: Peace For Gran #TomorrowsPapersToday #SundayPeople pic.twitter.com/0stK7kQIrS
The Sunday Mirror took a similar line, saying the brothers were “Reunited for granny”, describing the joint appearance as an “olive branch” from the future King William to his brother.
Sunday Mirror: Reunited For Granny #TomorrowsPapersToday #SundayMirror #Mirror pic.twitter.com/WV3pjHhCPm
The Sun on Sunday described them as “feuding royals” and went for a Three Musketeers motif with the headline “All 4 one”. It said they had “dramatically” reunited in what a royal source told the paper was “an important show of unity for the Queen”.
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The Mail on Sunday declared the brothers “reunited”, though inside it had a body language expert poring over the footage and describing Harry’s posture throughout the 10-minute walkabout as “defensive” and “guarded”.
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The Sunday Times opted for a simple front page with a blue-tinted photograph from early in the Queen’s life.
Sunday Times: Queen Elizabeth II 1926-2022 #TomorrowsPapersToday #SundayTimes #TheTimes #Times pic.twitter.com/3InUX7Z804
The Observer chose a picture of the newly proclaimed King Charles III and a headline on his assumption of the “heavy duties of sovereignty”, while leading with the latest developments in Russia’s war on Ukraine.
Tomorrow’s front page pic.twitter.com/SxeUm1QcGc


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