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Apple mixed reality headset
Apple’s mixed reality headsets are now rumored to use LG’s OLEDoS displays. The Elec reports that LG and Samsung Display are currently focusing on releasing OLEDoS and LEDoS technologies, with Apple reportedly getting LG’s OLEDoS for its mixed reality headsets.
OLED on silicon (OLEDoS) and LED on silicon (LEDoS) microdisplay technologies utilize silicon substrates to create high-quality displays with thousands of pixels fit in every inch. While Sony dominates the OLEDoS production – with its blue, green, and red color filters – Samsung and LG aim to excel in the industry too.
Samsung aims to receive OLEDoS panels with a 3000ppi display and a brightness feature of 10000 nits by Samsung Display in 2024. For its LEDoS technologies, Samsung Display wishes to achieve a resolution of 6000 to 7000ppi. Similarly, LG Display is encouraging the production of LEDoS panels alongside OLEDoS, the latter of which appears to be used on the outer screen of the headset. The inner screen will be provided by Sony.
Apple’s mixed reality headsets will reportedly launch in January 2023 at a company event, as Apple’s analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo stated,
“It is expected that Apple will release AR/MR headsets as soon as January 2023. This presentation is expected to reduce investors’ doubts about innovative user experience and low shipments in 2023, and increase confidence in the outlook for headsets.”
If the reports are true, with OLEDoS, Apple will be able to launch its first mixed reality headset.
Source: The Elec via 9to5Mac | Image: AppleInsider
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