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A patent granted to Apple suggests that its upcoming mixed reality headset could come with a pair of “VR Gloves” that can detect hand and finger gestures, according to Patently Apple. The blog has uncovered multiple patents granted by the US Trademark and Patent Office for a headset input system that can detect sliding finger gestures on VR Gloves among other gestures.
In May this year, Bloomberg reported that Apple executives had previewed its upcoming mixed-reality headset to the company’s board, indicating that the development of the device has reached an advanced stage. A version of such a device was demonstrated to the eight independent directors and Apple’s CEO Time Cook during the meeting in May.
Apple’s approach is a little different. Apple’s invention covers devices and methods of detecting contact between a first body part and a second body part. Sense circuitry can be configured to sense a signal at the sense electrode (e.g., configured to contact the second body part) in response to a drive signal applied to the drive electrode (e.g., configured to contact the first body part),” says Patently Apple, comparing Apple’s new approach to others that make use of camera or radio frequence-based systems
The new patents granted for the gloves could mean that the VR gloves could be used for detecting skin-to-skin contact-based gestures like those for opening documents, scrolling through a screen, making selections, answering calls or using other peripherals connected to the Apple mixed reality headset.
Some of the patents granted also imagine if Apple could use two wearables (similar to the Apple Watch) to detect skin-to-skin contact. An example in the patent considers how one watch could be used for sensing and the other could implement the gesture.
Another example proposes the idea of having a ring as a second wearable device. This ring could be designed to work with the VR gloves. According to Patently Apple, this could be used to answer and place calls, launch programs, make selections etc.
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