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wine2wine Business Forum 2022 returns to Verona on November 7th-8th 2022.
Returning with a 100% in person edition for its 9th edition, wine2wine Business Forum stays true to its slogan, inviting speakers from all over the world to strengthen its Markets Focus Track and global outreach. By attending sessions included in the Markets Focus Track, guests – especially producers – will be able to explore trends, develop their strategy and positioning in foreign markets and analyze various case studies together with the speakers.
In keeping with this year’s focus on Wine Communication, particular attention will be given to how producers can successfully communicate with various potential foreign clients and audiences, and how to access the necessary tools to enter the markets. As several countries and trends will be studied within this track, three regions in particular are in the spotlight, both for their potential growth and for the important changes they experienced in recent years: Northern Europe, Africa, and China.
African Wine Market
Targeting this emerging market and its projected growth, wine2wine Business Forum invites five African market experts to give their insights and introduce producers to new business opportunities. Speakers Temitope Akintola , Nico Smit , Soraiya Ladak, Vanessa Koko Djaba, Victor Ikem and Amir Bakhouche will give participants the right tools to succeed in this very important market for the present and the future. Mistakenly considered niche, Africa’s wine market represents one of the fastest growing geographies, even more in light of United Nations data that estimates by 2050, 25% of the world population will be Africans. The session will analyze the rapid rise in the middle class that major markets like South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya are experiencing, and what it means for the global wine market.
Northern Europe Wine Markets
Presented by Åsa Johansson, Per Buhl, Margareta Lundeberg, Nina Witikka and Marius Odland, this panel will offer participants an overview of the Northern European market, investigating trends and practices of different countries within the region. Generally not countries that produce wine, Sweden and Norway particularly represent open-minded wine markets. As wine consumers have been on a stable rise in several of these northern countries, there is a need to increase wine imports to satisfy the increasing demand. At the same time, exporters must juggle powerful state monopolys. The panel will allow guests to discuss issues with market experts to understand how to beat market restrictions and access proper distribution channels. Trends in the region will also be debated, particularly in relation to Italian wine.
Chinese Wine Market
A 2017 Vinexpo and IWSR report predicted that China was expected to overtake Britain and France to become the world’s second biggest wine consumer behind the USA by 2020. However, the last two years proved that the prediction may have not been correct. The country’s slowing economy, the 2020 pandemic and the country’s unyielding zero-covid policy led to radical changes in its political and social environment, leading to a regression in wine consumption. Addressing the unpredictability and uniqueness of the Chinese situation, wine2wine Business Forum offers two sessions covering China and its wine market. In the session presented by Natalie Wang, the speaker will discuss whether or not China remains an attractive market for wine, as well as potential for growth in the country. Speaker Alberto Orengia will also present an analysis of China, focusing on the current state of the wine market and painting a picture of the underlying forces that impact the alcoholic drinks market. The audience will also be able to learn specific strategies to manage a successful distribution business and better communicate with the Chinese audience.
Tickets for wine2wine Business Forum are now available on the event’s website. Until September 18th, tickets are available at a reduced price thanks to the Early Bird Offer. The full program is also available for consultation:
About: About: wine2wine Business Forum is a dynamic international wine industry forum organized by Veronafiere and held annually in Verona, Italy, since 2014. wine2wine Business Forum 2022 will take place on November 7th and 8th at the Palaexpo in Veronafiere, Verona. The event is a key reference point for wine producers and wine professionals eager to develop and grow their wine business worldwide. wine2wine Business Forum provides unique opportunities to share ideas on the most important issues facing the rapidly evolving wine industry and to connect with wine professionals and experts. The forum takes place over two days and features keynote sessions, seminars, and interactive workshops which aim to equip participants with practical tools to improve their business. Speakers are renowned experts in their field and among the brightest minds in the wine world from Italy and abroad. Additional information is available at or by emailing

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