Asia Cup 2022: India wins bronze, Japan lifts title – Sportskeeda

The Indian women’s hockey team defeated China 2-0 to attain a bronze medal finish at the 2022 Asia Cup in Muscat, Oman on Friday.
The women in blue overcame the disappointment of their 2-3 defeat against the mighty South Koreans in the semifinals of the tournament on January 26.
India controlled the proceedings in the first two quarters, scoring two goals as the scoreboard read 2-0 against China by half-time.
The Indians started well and fetched a few penalty corners early on in the match. However, Sharmila Devi scored from a rebound after Gurjit Kaur’s initial flick was saved by the Chinese defense, providing a 1-0 lead for the team.
The Indians kept building pressure on the Chinese defense from the start of the match. With relentless raids, the Indians earned another penalty corner in the 19th minute. Dragflick specialist Gurjit Kaur made no mistake in converting the PC into a goal, taking Team India 2-0 ahead of the Chinese hockey team.
China tried to recoup from a two-goal deficit by earning a penalty corner in the third quarter. But skipper Savita was hands on to keep their opponents away from the bay.
China tried hard to get past the Indian defense but failed to do so throughout the match, which cost the Chinese side a third place finish.
Sharmila Devi (13′) and Gurjit Kaur’s (19′) goals paved the way for Savita Punia-led Indian team to wrap up the continental tournament with a bronze medal finish.
Japan continued their impressive run at the 2022 Asia Cup as they thrashed the mighty South Koreans with a 4-2 scoreline on Friday.
Lee S (12′) and Cheon (34′) scored for South Korea whereas Tanaka struck twice (28′). Meanwhile Mori (37′) and Nagai (46′) scored one goal each to help Japan fetch the top position finish at the prestigious hockey tournament.
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