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Four teams – India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan – qualified for the Asia Cup 2022 Super Four stage. | Photo Credit:
The Asia Cup 2022 tournament is underway in the United Arab Emirates with matches being held in Dubai and Sharjah.
The six-team tournament comprising India, Pakistan, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Afghanistan is currently in the group stage phase. It will be followed by the Super 4s and the final.
The two groups – Group A with India, Pakistan and Hong Kong and Group B with Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and Bangladesh – will reward four spots to the top two teams in each group to the next stage, the Super 4.
A1, A2, B1 and B2 will then be placed in the same group. The second round-robin stage will have all the teams facing each other.
The top two in the Super 4 stage will then face off in the Asia Cup 2022 final on September 11 in Dubai.
The Asia Cup Super 4 stage will begin on September 3 in Sharjah, followed by five matches in Dubai until September 9.
India and Pakistan could face once again in the Asia Cup 2022 tournament in the Super 4. The teams will face off one another on September 4 in Dubai, provided they finish as the top teams in Group A. India and Pakistan could also meet in the Asia Cup 2022 final, if they manage to finish the Supe 4 round-robin stage in the first and second position.
Who qualified for the Super 4 stage in the 2018 Asia Cup edition?
India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan qualified for the Super 4s in the 2018 Asia Cup, also held in the UAE. India and Bangladesh topped the group table and progressed to the final. The Rohit Sharma-led side then defended its title after beating Bangladesh by three wickets in the final.
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