Auburn football practice notes: Tigers fine tuning things before game week – Sports Illustrated

Auburn finished up another practice on Tuesday afternoon, this time with about a third of the roster decked out in green to represent the scout team.
Here's what I saw during the 25-minute media viewing period at practice.
– There are two numbers changes. Cornerback DJ James is now wearing No. 4, and Safety Zion Puckett is now wearing number 10. A little confused, considering Puckett has worn both 11 and 10 multiple times, but Justin Ferguson of the Auburn Observer broke down Puckett's number history perfectly in this tweet:
– There was about 40-45 percent of the team engaging in one tackling drill to begin the viewing period. It looked like mass chaos.
– About a third of the team was wearing green jerseys to represent the scout team.
– The receivers were working on release drills early. Every receiver looks solid. The core, along with the rest of the team, has begun to look more polished as camp has progressed.
– The quarterbacks were working in handoff drills. Robby Ashford was with Tank Bigsby, TJ Finley with Jarquez Hunter, and Zach Calzada with Damari Alston.
– Defensive backs were working on fumble recovery drills, which was essentially a coach rolling a ball towards a DB after he backpedaled about five yards.
– The quarterbacks starting some throwing drills to the tight ends. Finley threw an out to John Samuel Shenker, Ashford then to Tyler Fromm, Calzada to Luke Deal. Fromm had a drop on an from Finley the second time around.
– Finley threw a nice ball to Shenker on a double move/post. Ashford did the same to Fromm. Calzada put his throw a bit behind Deal but still completed the pass.
– Ashford and Finley looked good today.
– Auburn did some drills with go routes, and all three quarterbacks missed a downfield throw at least once. Finley missed twice.
– They worked to the other side of the field with the same drill, but this time with a half roll, double-move on the route. Calzada was the only QB to miss this time.
– Comeback routes. Finley to Shedrick Jackson. Ashford to Malcolm Johnson Jr. Calzada to Camden Brown. Finley to Ze'Vian Capers. Ashford to No. 13 (scout team). Nobody missed on their throws. Finley and Calzada threw a little too inside though.
– They started working 1-1 drills on go routes with DBs involved right as we walked out.
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