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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) – Birmingham Police officers are giving us a look at some of the new technology that will soon help protect our community.
Police equipment company Axon had everything from body cam holsters to internet and infrastructure tools on display outside of BPD headquarters on Tuesday.
There were even virtual reality training classes available for those in the department.
While they do not typically train using virtual reality, BPD is already using some of the technology that was displayed today.
Officers already use AXON new Taser 7s and body cam technology.
The Chief tells us the department will activate the Fleet 3 car camera system in November or December at the latest. That will give the cop car a better ability to read license plates, as well additional security with several cameras placed around the vehicle.
The department also wants to boost their surveillance technology in the sky.
“We would love to get the new drone technology that they have. It would help us with our response to situations where maybe we can’t be on the ground. But if we could be in the air and get a full 360 view, we could solve some situations quicker and without putting as many people in danger,” said Real Time Crime Lab and Birmingham Police Sergeant Antonio Washington.
Chief Scott Thurmond confirmed that drones are one of the newest tools that his department is considering investing in.
“We could put up a drone to get an aerial view. We used a drone during the World Games. They were very beneficial when working with traffic, just that bird’s eye view. There is also somethings you could do with the smaller drones. You could send them into homes where you maybe have a barricaded suspect just to have a look. If the drone gets destroyed it is fine, we didn’t injure anybody. We just got a look about what is going on in the home to hopefully help getting that barricaded person out,” said Chief Thurmond.
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