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Sep 15, 2022, 08:00 ET
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CADY, an Israeli startup, introduces its innovative product for automating the inspection process of electrical schematics. CADY’s product uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) + Computer Vision technology to replace the tedious, time consuming, manual and error-prone process.
TEL AVIV, Israel, Sept. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CADY Solutions announces its global product launched by the end of 2022, leading to a revolution in the field of electrical design.
CADY, a graduate of the fifth batch of Intel Ignite, Intel’s startup acceleration program, announced today the launch of a revolutionary SaaS product, with a unique ability to read, and understand electronic component datasheets to create a formal language database.
Based on this database, CADY’s product automatically performs an analysis of electronic circuit diagrams, providing an additional layer of protection, identifying errors and preventing them from flowing downstream. The product expedites end-product time to market and saves vast resources for hardware companies worldwide.
CADY is the first company worldwide to overcome the challenge of automatic reading and understanding of electronic component datasheet information. By aligning the datasheet information with the actual circuit design, CADY’s system detects discrepancies between the datasheet information and the actual design and generates a report detailing errors and warnings. A typical electronic circuit design review process is performed manually, cumbersome, and repetitive. It is extremely time consuming and error prone. CADY’s design inspection system is both more efficient and reliable compared to any other technology in the market. It verifies the accuracy of the design within minutes, thereby eliminates the iterative review and error correction processes, reduces costs, increases profitability, and expedite product market introduction, while reducing the probability of reputation-damaging errors that might reveal themselves only when the product hits the market.
Following a successful collaboration with Intel’s startup acceleration program, Intel Ignite, CADY’s PoC (Proof of Concept) was tested in a real design environment. The product provided great value to five different business units at Intel, among them Intel’s Thunderbolt Group (TBT), by identifying errors in their electrical design and thereby saving considerable resources. Furthermore, the cooperation with Intel assisted CADY to understand market needs, which led to adapting and tailoring the product to the targeted users.
Empirical studies show that a typical circuit design process involves an average of three Re-Spins per manually tested circuit, causing a 4–6-week delay in TTM (Time to Market) and a loss of tens of thousands of dollars due to each Re-Spin. CADY’s new product allows this process to go through automatically and independently, thus preventing many human errors.
Gilad Shapira, CEO and Co-Founder of CADY stated that: “The company’s solution is designed to address the lack of automatic inspection tools in the field of electrical circuit design. Today, electronic design engineers have no automatic and comprehensive tool that helps them check the electrical schematic design, so doing it manually is the only way. Engineers are eagerly awaiting an automated solution to make their work easier. During the pilot we were exposed to dozens of HW companies around the world, from small SMBs to multinational corporations, that invest prodigious resources in checking the schematic designs of their electric circuits. We found that in light of the huge information load in the component specifications, and in spite of all the resources invested, they often fail to detect all the errors in the design. The system we developed automatically identified significant errors in over 65% of the schematics that were we inspected, errors that would has flowed downstream and would have been detected only at a prototype stage, or even only when the product hits the market”.
About CADY:
CADY was founded in 2020 by Gilad Shapira, who serves as the company’s CEO, Tal Ben Porat, who serves as the CTO and Or Shabtai, who leads research and development, when the three met during their military service in the IDF Intelligence Corps. The company recently raised $3 million in a SEED round. Among its notable investors are TAU VENTURES, ARISTAGORA VC, TAL VENTURES, TERAMIPS, Udi Peless, Zohar Gilon, Rafi Gidron and more.
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