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Cazoo and French Open, the DP is evasive

While the English of Cazoo have just put an end to their activities on the European continent, the main sponsor of the Open de France (September 22-25) casts a veil of uncertainty over the oldest golf tournament in Europe continental.
More bad news facing the DP World Tour from Wentworth, following the death of Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday.
The biggest tournament on the European professional circuit ends on Sunday on 54 holes, an obligation dictated by the organization of the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.
This less day has an impact on the tournament budget and the return expected by the sponsors, the biggest in particular – BMW and Rolex – for whom the repetitive representation of their image is an absolute rule.
The millions they thus inject into golf, but also into other sports, are becoming somewhat banal, there are so many of them. Getting people talking about you at length has a cost that some people have nothing to do with, it seems, as their oil well is bottomless.
Besides, we say to ourselves “and why not us” and here are new boxes which multiply with ideas which can be very good at least on paper and in a universal way. On paper, it's always good, and the "Business Plan" will catch the interest of the banker.
We know heaps of them who have had eyes bigger than their stomachs and are breaking their necks. But when they drag other organizations into the debacle, it's just too much! This is the case with Cazoo, an English brand that sells second-hand cars.
She clings to sport, saves football clubs in distress, decides to export her science and lands on the European continent where she finds, among other things, OM jerseys to better expose her brand. At the same time, the French Open is struggling and Zorro-Cazoo arrives.
Phew! And the tournament returns to its National Golf in two weeks. Or should we say “should” find? The information has been circulating in the corridors for a short time. The situation of Cazoo being catastrophic, it stops all activity in the European space of which France and its national open are part.
Given the cavalier way of getting free, you have to quickly reread the contracts that bind this sponsor to European Tour Group. Asked about this, Scott Crocket (Director of Media Communications) remains evasive. “The info falls to the worst, the mourning that we know disturbing the “further informed” necessary”.
Good, but September 22 is already tomorrow. How do you replace such a failing sponsor and his millions? “The subject is not debatable really until the beginning of the week. And who tells us that Cazoo will not be in Guyancourt? In any case, we will not let this tournament down.
It's the French Open after all! It's desirable, but the French golf almanac leaves us in a cloud when it reminds us of the abrupt disappearance of a Chinese sponsor, or that of the millions of Rolex Series that went hand in hand, celebrating a long-standing faithful friendship. .


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