Coronation Street spoilers: Kelly car crash, surprise wedding, murder mission –

Love’s young dream! Kelly Neelan (Millie Gibson) and Aadi Alahan (Adam Hussain) are playing at weddings in next week’s Coronation Street.
But what starts off as a bit of fun looks set to develop into something more serious – could they be eyeing up a wedding for real?
Either way, disaster is about to strike as Kelly is involved in an accident.
Meanwhile, Yasmeen Nazir (Shelley King) finally gives Stu Carpenter (Bill Fellows) a listening ear, as he tells her everything that happened.
As a fight for justice intensifies, soon a discovery is made.
Elsewhere, Carla Connor (Alison King) heads for choppy waters when Stephen (Todd Boyce) eyes up Underworld.
As Zeedan and Alya sort through the case files, they come across Stu’s interview tapes. Adam points out that he was questioned for over 10 hours which is against the rules and there’s a tape missing. Alya visits Stu in prison but they’re interrupted by the arrival of Yasmeen.
With Alya gone, Stu tells Yasmeen the whole story of his affair with Charlie. Yasmeen tells Zeedan and Alya how Stu wants them to talk to his solicitor. Norman, Stu’s solicitor, confirms that Stu was coerced into making a confession.
Alya puts pressure on Yasmeen to allow Stu to move back in as it’s clear he’s innocent and has nowhere to go.
In the factory, Carla becomes frustrated as she struggles to secure a fabric order. Stephen tells Sarah that she’s clearly the business brains of the factory and she should think about buying Carla out of her share.
In the factory, Stephen confirms that he’s managed to source the fabric they need at a very good price. Over a drink, Sarah shares her business ideas with Stephen and asks him to help her prove to Carla that she knows what she’s talking about.
Ed and Paul arrive at No.1 to start work on the roof. Steve explains that Arnie has promised to do the job after all. Steve leaves his umpteenth message for Arnie, wondering where he’s got to.
The scaffolder explains to Steve that he’s come to take the scaffolding down as the hire period has expired. The scaffolder demands another £500 to leave it up. Steve calls at the builder’s yard and begs Ed to fix the roof at No.1, will Ed come to the rescue? 
Ellie from the Gazette calls at the bistro with some leaflets promoting a ‘Win a Dream Wedding’ competition and Kelly makes out that she and Aadi are planning a wedding. Kelly assures Aadi that they won’t actually get married, they’ll just enjoy the holiday.
Summer attends her appointment with the diabetic nurse. The nurse suggests that a flash monitor might be helpful and Aaron agrees. Summer lies to Billy that she doesn’t qualify for a flash monitor. Later, Aaron urges Billy to call the hospital.
As Stu heads out of the prison gates, he’s shocked to find Yasmeen waiting for him. In Victoria Garden, Yasmeen tells Stu that she believes he’s innocent. When Yasmeen asserts that he must let Bridget know his intentions, Stu reluctantly agrees, how will Bridget react?
Stu returns to the street to be met with hostility from Dev and Bernie. Yasmeen comes to Stu’s rescue and tells Stu that he’s moving back in with her at No.6.
Kelly explains to Aadi that as part of the qualifying process they have to take part in a Mr & Mrs quiz. As Kelly and Aadi ask each other probing questions, they each admit that they’ve never had a sexual relationship.
Aadi leans in for a kiss. Having enjoyed their first sexual encounter, Aadi presents Kelly with his Mum’s engagement ring.  Kelly’s smitten.
Sarah puts pressure on Carla to hire Stephen on a consultancy basis. In the Rovers, Carla voices her concerns about Stephen to Peter and Ken. Ken reckons Stephen’s intentions are honourable so Carla agrees that she’ll hire him to do some consultancy work.
At No.8, Stephen urges Sarah to take out a loan and expand the business herself.
Billy and Summer head to the bistro for Gemma and Paul’s birthday celebration. Summer senses Aaron staring at her but he assures her he wasn’t checking up on her. Summer resolves to make it up to Aaron for ruining their holiday.
Bernie hopes Dev can give her more shifts at the kebab shop but he’s already sorted the rota. Bernie arrives at the bistro having missed the meal. Realising her Mum is short of money, Gemma assures her Linda has transferred the cash for Joseph’s school uniform.
Bernie asks Daisy if there are any shifts going at the Rovers, but Daisy says no. Dev offers Bernie a cleaning job, she accepts immediately, utterly thrilled.
Kelly and Aadi meet up with Ellie in a hotel bar and take part in the Mr & Mrs Quiz. They fail to answer the questions correctly but when Aadi reveals that they belong together, Ellie reckons the readers are going to love them. Back on the street, Asha clocks Kelly’s engagement ring.
Aadi announces that he passed his driving test. Dev’s delighted and gives him the keys to a car.  Asha confronts Aadi over Kelly’s engagement ring. Aadi admits that it’s their Mum’s ring but assures her that he and Kelly aren’t really engaged, but are only pretending so they can win a holiday.
Having overheard Kelly chucks the ring at Aadi, jumps in his new car and speeds away. Aadi borrows Asha’s old princess bike and sets off down the ginnel. Aadi comes across his car crashed into a bollard, is Kelly okay? 
Bernie returns from her shopping spree with Joseph’s new uniform and a posh blazer for herself.  When Bernie admits that the blazer was meant for someone else and given to her in error, Gemma and Chesney urge her to take it back.
A lady calls at No.5 and introduces herself as Fern, claims that Bernie has tried stealing her posh jacket, how will Bernie get out of this one? 
Stu apologises to Kelly. Tim warns Stu to stay away from Yasmeen, but Kelly confirms that he’s back living at No.6 and Yasmeen is helping him to clear his name.
Tim and Elaine beg Yasmeen to think twice about helping Stu. At No.6, Stu offers to pack his bags but Yasmeen points out that running away will only make him look guilty.
For Dylan’s last night with him, Sean offers to organise a farewell dinner for him but when he has to work Glenda has an idea that’ll cheer him up. Sean arrives at the bistro to discover Glenda and Mary have invited James to Dylan’s soirée.
When James suggests a kickabout before dinner, Dylan admits he doesn’t want to go home, but would rather live here. Summer books a romantic night at the Chariot Square Hotel to make up for ruining their holiday.
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