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18 August 2022
1 in 5 students will finish their academic education with no formal qualification. Even those that do, often find themselves confused on what their next step might be.
Students all over the UK will be waiting for their exam results which will set them on a course for the future. Some will have exceeded expectations, whilst others will have failed. So, what are the next steps?
Supported by Huntingdonshire District Council, BIPC, RWE and Annafield Estate Agents, the team behind Curious Entrepreneurs are running a Next Step event in St Neots on 4th September to help guide and inspire our future generation of business owners.
The event will offer the opportunity to learn more about entrepreneurship with students receiving support on their career journey, and the chance to pitch their business idea for an impressive CASH PRIZE.
Local entrepreneurs and career advisors will be on hand to offer advice, insight and expertise to all 16–24-year-olds.
Judged by three local businessmen; Simon Squibb (The Purposeful Project), Paul Oggelsby (Riverlite), and Alex Hughes (Curious Entrepreneurs) and with a prize pool of over £2,000, it will be fun to see what interesting ideas our potential next-generation business minds come up with.
When asked what he thought about the high percentage of students who may be disappointed with their exam results, Simon Squibb from The Purposeful Project commented; “I care about this problem, as I left school at 15 years old -School didn’t prepare me for the real world at all.”
The free event takes place on the 4th of September between 11am and 3pm at Brook House in St Neots. To find out more information visit the Curious Entrepreneurs website https://www.curiousentrepreneurs.co.uk/next-step.
18 August 2022
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