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It’s about risk versus reward for some of us now as opportunities and ideas raise an autumnal head.
Energy, confidence, flair and talent are in abundance so it’s time not to doubt our abilities.
Up and at ’em. we’ve got so much to give. Don’t let others stand in the way, yet it’s wise to be careful how we motivate ourselves and those around us. Communication, as usual is the key.
Steady as she goes, we’ll get there.
Gemini, don’t be too harsh on yourself.
Libra, be careful. Not everyone will like your wild ideas.
Ahead, you’ll find all the star signs’ horoscopes for September 14, 2022.
Read on for your full forecast.
March 21 to April 20
Current influences are encouraging you to try something that takes you out of your comfort zone.
In work and money matters, you may take chances that you wouldn’t usually consider wise.
With both the Sun and the Moon forging links to rebellious Uranus, you’ll be willing to take a risk, Aries.
Sometimes this is necessary to make progress. Still, it’s best not to go over the top.
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April 21 to May 21
You’ll be full of energy and confidence today, with exciting influences on the field encouraging you onwards and upwards.
This is one of those times when you may feel anything is possible, and that you only need to visualise your dream for it to come true.
It will take a lot more than that, Taurus. But knowing what you want and making a start, is almost certainly half the battle.
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May 22 to June 21
The Sun in meticulous Virgo and a quiet sector, could find you being too critical of yourself when you really have no need.
You may tend to play down your abilities rather than talking them up, for fear you’ll make a fool of yourself.
Your flair and savvy will return, when the sun moves into Libra in just over a week. Believe in yourself Gemini, and you won’t have to wait that long.
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June 22 to July 23
If a promising offer comes out of the blue, don’t turn it down. Even if it arrives via a friend of a friend, it doesn’t mean they’re just being nice.
They really do think you’re the best person for the job. Why so many doubts?
Even though buoyant Jupiter is reversing in your sector of ambition, it still has your back.
Don’t be too hard on yourself, as you’re more talented than you know.
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July 24 to August 23
Necessary changes to your job or business may need to be implemented, and there could be a sense of urgency about this.
You may have resisted this for some time, but now you can no longer hang about.
The thing is Leo, despite any pressure, you’ll wish you had sorted this out long ago. The difference it might make and the compliments you’ll get, make it all worthwhile.
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August 24 to September 23
Something that occurs today could take you by surprise. With the Moon merging with Uranus and the Sun making a lingering link, it really can pay to expect the unexpected.
In this case, it’s something you’ll find pleasantly exciting. It might be the offer of a trip to somewhere you’re eager to go, or an opportunity that you’ve coveted for some time. Make the most of it, Virgo.
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September 24 to October 23
You may have some wild ideas today Libra, but be careful who you share them with.
The Moon’s merger with electric Uranus in an edgy zone, suggests that not everyone will appreciate where you’re coming from.
While your sense of fun can be eccentric and offbeat at times, others might not appreciate it, least of all coming from someone as tactful and diplomatic as you.
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October 24 to November 22
Think that others have more talent than you? It’s simply not true, Scorpio. You have so much to give, that you’re often the object of other people’s envy.
The problem is, that you tend to doubt rather than promoting yourself and making the most of the spotlight.
You now have a chance to make a great impression, but the motivation and the determination must come from you.
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November 23 to December 21
Unexpected things could occur that derail your schedule and disrupt your plans for the day.
However, it’s not so much what happens, but the way you handle it that counts, Archer.
The Moon’s merger with Uranus, suggests this is a temporary matter and that things should soon be back to normal.
If you keep your cool, even if those around you can’t, you can be proud.
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December 22 to January 21
Today may be stirred up in a good way, as things happen that take you by surprise.
With restless Uranus strutting its stuff in your leisure and romance zone, you’ll embrace any quirky happenings and be determined to make the most of them.
A leisurely outing or date could be so very far from what you expected, that you’ll have the best fun you’ve had in ages, Capricorn. 
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January 22 to February 19
This is one of those times when buying a gadget could turn out to be a wise and fruitful decision.
You might not expect much from it, Aquarius. But once you get it home and start using it, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.
On another note, you may be a tad frustrated by someone who won’t commit to an idea or even a potential romance. For now, bide your time.
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February 20 to March 20
There’s no point in blaming yourself for those things over which you have no control.
A zesty blend of aspects hints that someone could say something which causes upset, despite your efforts to keep things friendly and upbeat.
What’s done is done, Pisces. Yet you may find that this has the effect of clearing the air and letting the truth be known, which can only be a good thing.
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