Ethos Asset Management Inc., USA, Announces Deal with U.S. Consumer Buying Services LLC (, An Infinity-Loop Online Shopping Payment Solution for Brazilian Consumers, Shopping in the US where Buyers can 'Buy Now, Pay Later' – Benzinga

Partnership Provides Long Term Financing to where Brazilian consumers, shopping in the US online can pay in monthly instalments instead of the full price upfront.
SAN DIEGO, Sept. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ETHOS ASSET MANAGEMENT INC USA, announced a new long-term financing partnership with U.S. Consumer Buying Services LLC ( Ethos has committed to providing significant capital infusion that will continue for several years.
"We are delighted to be partnering with such an innovative technology company from Brazil. The size of the Brazilian consumer market is vast and shoppers wishing to buy products from the US can now do so with ease online and 'Buy Now, Pay Later'. The founder, Silchard Alves and Co-founder, Gualter Malacarne demonstrated to us their passion, expertise and unique model in a sector which if revolutionized successfully has outstanding growth potential and opportunity. To Brazilian consumers, shopping in the US online is an enjoyable experience and sounds cheaper and that's true, but all retailers need to be paid upfront and this is a major problem. Parcela turns a major problem for consumers into a solution allowing buyers and sellers to carry out their transactions through their payment-arrangement solution called An infinity-loop where buyers pay at their pace and sellers receive in one-time. We look forward to seeing the project roll out in Brazil as we continue to expand our largest market to date."
"By shopping online at US stores across the Internet I realized that all purchases must be paid in one-time payment. Immediately my thoughts were: "Why I can't pay it in instalments?".  So, in a glimpse, a company was born allowing anyone who want to buy anything in US stores across the Internet to pay all at their own pace. But any business needs a dependable financial partner. We've built a strong bond with Ethos USA who believed and made our company hit the ground running."
"A company which offers to their customers an innovative payment solution as a service called 'Buy Now, Pay Later' – BNPL, is a game changer for Brazilians. Instalments stands for Parcela in Portuguese and due to this the company's name could not be better for Brazilians who clearly understand what it's all about. We are very excited with Ethos USA and for us the business finance provided by them it's a great leap for our Company".
"The innovation and technological solution of Parcela´s project will extend to the USA a relationship between customer and sellers that has already been tried and widely practiced in the Brazilian market. With the implementation of the project, Brazilian consumers, will be able to make their purchases online in the USA with the convenience of having instalment payment options, which will certainly stimulate online purchases and intensify trade".
"We are pleased for the opportunity to partner this innovative entrepreneurship. Parcela is a reliable and fresh competitive outcome bringing to current Brazilian consumers the ability to access the USA market with another lens and achievement capacity to pursue their demand. Ethos has the leverage to understand and invest wisely in a way that allows that these ideas can be strongly anchored, marketable and highly competitive".
Ethos Asset Management (Ethos) is an independent, US-based company with global reach in resource mobilization and project financing. 

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U.S. Consumer Buying Service LLC ( is a US based company, aiming at Brazilian customers, the company provide payment arrangements as a core service. Allowing customers to pay in instalments their purchases in US stores via the internet. A "Buy now, pay later", BNPL, innovative and hassle-free experience.
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Silchard Alves, Founder and Gualter Malacarne, Co-Founder, U.S. Consumer Buying Services LLC (
Eduardo Pereira/Rosebud, Ethos Brazil Associate:
Ethos USA:
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