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Former Minister for Natural Resources and Labour, Vincent Wheatley, has called out the Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour (VGYH) for its present condition and said the situation needs to be rectified at once.
Wheatley noted in a recent Facebook post that persons have brought the issue of not having a mega yacht facility in North Sound to his attention and called on Governor John Rankin to use his office to address that situation.
But the former minister said in the same vein that persons have also expressed concern about the VGYH.
“Many have also brought up the issue of the eyesore that the Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour is in the Valley. Though it’s a private property and not a Crown lease, we find it equally unacceptable to have it in this state five years after the hurricanes. Solution needed now!” Wheatley said in another Facebook post.
Some residents responding to Wheatley’s post agreed that the site was in a deplorable state, with one suggesting that it has likely been turning away cruise ships that would usually berth near the harbour during the busy tourist season.
“The VGYH is currently not visually appealing in its existing state and some of these [cruise] lines want to ensure no reputational damage to their brand. Less calls equals less revenue for taxis, tours, shops, restaurants,” former Tourist Board Director Sharon Flax-Brutus stated.
One resident, in particular, was harshly critical of the level of interest demonstrated by the BVI Investment Club (BVIIC) which reportedly has control of the Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour.
“Virgin Gordians have seen firsthand the poor business strategy, poor planning, poor vision and lack of interest in our community,” Tina Mark said. “At least they could have not waited so long to clean up the rubble left from the hurricanes and make it look less of an eye sore if finances were not there for complete fixes. The new building where the bank is located is a clear indication on the BVIIC lack of passion for our community and poor business acumen.”
Works promised by BVIIC President
Meanwhile, it was just a few months ago, that BVIIC President, Meade Malone assured residents that the VGYH would be restored to some state of beautification after the extensive damage it suffered five years ago at the hands of hurricanes Irma and Maria.
Speaking at the BVIIC’s 30th-anniversary press conference in April, Malone said the club has an overall and complete development plan for the VGYH which includes the accommodation of mega and super yachts. 
“I am happy to report that we are very much in hand in moving the Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour forward towards that vision. You will begin to see in the soon coming weeks work around beautification of the area and enhancement of that,” Malone said at the time. 
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Thats because they are broke because they are offering the units at $4000 a month which is a stupidly high rent instead of $2000 a month which would bring revenue in AND would bring visitors in to pay revenue in the marina.
Village Cay is was also suffering due to their less than stellar business ideas.
I also think the investment club is broke both financially and people wise. None of the members want to invest the cash they earned into it. Makes me wonder if Government cash was used to buy VGYH and vc.
The vodka really starting to kick in now it look like. The eye sore was there for the years that you were there. It’s only now you see it?
Is just a large tentacle of the old family bvi cabal. Look how they got those assets. Jail time if you do.
Sooooooo, he didn’t see those issues when he was in office??? This guy really is a complete [email protected]$te
What are they gonna say about village cay and Hodge’s Creek then
Ever since that club of entitled persons took over that marina it went down hill all they concern about is money bunch of greedy inviduals village cay is a disgrace nasty also.
Waste of time. When he was there what he do? Know he gone he want call the kettle black?
Go back to where ever you were these last few months
no one wants to hear from you.
The BVI Investment Club is entirely responsible for the mess VGYH is in, not to mention the marina complex. They took it over early 2017, raised everybody’s rents. Many businesses relocated. More regular boats moored left. They basically killed VG’s long standing commercial and social center seeking to maiximize three dollars
Then came Irma which caused significant damage. Little action since. Was it insured? Did BVI IC collect on it? Why did they not re-invest? BVI IC members, AFIK are not Virgin Gordians, and don’t seem to care about VG. Wheatley knows who they are. Maybe he should appeal to them directly.
BVI IC had the grandiose idea that a super yacht marina could be created in VG, so they bought a massive travel lift and converted the playing field into another boat yard, and in their “visionary”plan wanted to created another Nanny Cay type development where the boat yard has always been. The mega yacht boat yard idea is a non-starter. For starters, the BVI does not have high capacity fuel pumps for those yachts. Secondly, no way it can compete with St. Martin in terms of prices of materials and skilled labor.
That said, Wheatley is right inasmuch as the VGYH and marina are in a disgraceful forlorn state, and there’s nothing attractive about it. As Minister of Natural Resources, he could have done something but did not. And, now he complains….
“”we find it equally unacceptable to have it in this state five years after the hurricanes. Solution needed now!” Wheatley said”
But it’s ok to leave schools, roads, sewage, water, ferry terminals, HOA building, derelict yachts, etc. just as they are. Solution not needed for that yet…
After he dne frig up Vg n the position He had come here chattin s**t Go Sit Dwn Somewhere Move Up
This is the same club that purchased lambert and drove those into the ground before investor was found, also own Village Cay Marina and that is not much better. They should not be permitted to purcahse anything else. They have no interest in the success.
Is it His Government that bought the chateau de pirate? what is more an eye sore than that? He should get that moving!!
Vincent ur more a disgrace than the marina.You in your early days of being elected.promise us to have cargo-passengers seperated then use same marina temporary while getting chateau dock ready.Chateau bought ,land,bought millions of dollars.Chateau still has tenants ,who collects rent?now look at.chateau a squalor bigger disgrace.Vincent come forward tell about this seperation of.cargo passengers.You always tryna impress but for sure your days are numbered.waste of tax.payers money you are.
I think it’s actually wearing off lol so he’s seeing and thinking differently from when he was s**ced up
There is no need for any type of megayacht facility on VG or anywhere in the BVI. Large yachts with their guests simply pass through the BVI now on their way to some other islands. Some will stop and moor for a day or two IF the guests can afford the additional expenses to clear in and out of the BVI. Megayachts that develop any mechanical/electrical problems simply sail to STT or STM for repairs.
VGYH was owned th the Investment Club long before 2017. It was somewhere around 2004
The real mentality,not one care,not eve what you call the government.
1st thing you see when you come Road town by ferry a bend light pole from irma.simple thing to fix.but no , nothing .just as to be cut.
Simple things sometimes make big difference
BVIIC purchased the VGYH complex LONG before 2017. My estimation it was mid/late 90’s. They have made promises for some 20+ years. If VW & SFC have been given the run around – in their capacities ——- just take a guess what had been going on for years !!!
You are correct. Follow the money! Who has the BIG fancy houses. Who has a half dozen or more businesses while still holding Minister positions? What Premier is is jail in the USA ? Where is the $7.2 million airplane? Where did all the money go that was donated after Irma? Just think !!!! This a small nation. Shouldn’t be too hard to figure it out.
Long before 2004. Estimate mid/late 90’s.
I havent been to Tola a while; but when I do I usually lije to hang out at the popukar VC. Unfortunately theres usually a high stencb of perhaps sewer since there are cklberts that drain into the lagoon.
While chatting with a fruend and usual regukar customer he told me of a situation in which a dog owned by one of the VC tennants or yacht owners who owns a dog. The dog when let loose used to dive into the open water and go fir a swim. The dog he said, apparently wused up and instead swims in the pool; instead of the smelly and murky colored water. Apparently the dog knows something thats not known by patrons of VC
Everything bviic has managed to get has been through dodgy shenanigans and then becomes a rotting embarrassment. They should be refused trade licences and ownership of strategic real estate projects and businesses for the foreseeable.
We need to take these assets back but of course the compulsory purchase at inflated amount is exactly why they squat on these purloined assets.
The full Jack Donkey
Another fine example of the BVI investment group running business into the ground. Owned by belongers…
Enough said
Don’t the same investment group own Prostect Reef which is a real dump.
Virgin Island poet Sheila Hyndman (1958-1991), in her poem “To Virgin Gorda”, accurately prophesized:
They will come with tools and machines.
They will bring to light your secret places,
They will demand your mysteries.
They will destroy, build up.
They will dilute your treasures,
And rob you of your chastity.
They will adorn you like ancient Jezebel.
Till all that’s left of your true self
Will be an old and forgotten poem
Like mine.

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