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The IME is a low-cost, low-SWaP, modular solution that can be adapted for current and future missions.
General Dynamics Mission Systems (GDMS) has been awarded a contract to provide data at rest (DAR ) encryption for the US Air Force’s (USAF) classified data.
Awarded by the USAF’s CryptoLogic and Cyber Systems Division, the contract has an estimated value of $22.9m.
As part of this contract, the company will design, develop and deliver a high assurance Inline Media Encryptor (IME) for the service’s classified DAR .
This technology will safeguard the majority of the USAF’s crewed and uncrewed platforms that seek DAR encryption.
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In order to secure the digitally stored dataset across the USAF’s crewed and uncrewed systems, the IME technology will use an integrated approach.
Furthermore, the high assurance IME solution will be incorporated with digital engineering support.
It will ensure that the encryptor can support existing and emerging mission requirements while evolving in real-time with the warfighter’s mission.
GDMS Cyber Systems line of business Platform Security business area vice-president Amy Johnson said: “We’re delighted to leverage our encryption expertise to enable the [US] Air Force to deliver this critical capability.
“We will bring to bear cutting-edge digital engineering methodologies to accelerate development and delivery of this enduring, adaptable solution to address the complete set of technical and security needs.”
The USAF currently uses standalone DAR IMEs that are stitched together across various platforms.
Meanwhile, the new technology will use capabilities from GDMS’ ProtecD@R portfolio of DAR encryptors that have been designed to operate between the system’s core processor and storage media.
This low-cost, low size, weight and power (SWaP) design solution is modular and can also be adapted according to future requirements.
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