Going in to bat for long-form cricket – The Guardian

Traditional forms of cricket are losing out to the Hundred competition, writes Michael Cunningham
You could have made a case for the Hundred on the grounds of new audiences or financial necessity without indulging in lazy stereotypes about accountants and retired colonels being archetypical Test cricket followers (Editorial, 5 September). Test cricket is followed by people of all classes, demographics and genders. Supporters of the other traditional form, the county championship, are by no means all posh, rich or male.
Additionally, not all counties are shoehorned into the franchise system. The two London ones are based at Lord’s and the Oval and have nothing to do with my county, Kent. This adds to the dislike of the Hundred by many cricket fans because traditional centres of the game are deprived of cricket at peak times of the season.
Michael Cunningham
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