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There are three linchpins of Fraserburgh cafe Gumboots Concept Eatery.
The first, tackling food waste. The second is the tempting food and drink served to customers. And last but certainly not least, the three-strong and close-knit team.
All are of equal importance to owners Terri Crowther, Luis Fonseca and Livinia Price.
Gumboots is located on the grounds of Lakeview Garden Centre, at Cortes Junction, in Lonmay near Fraserburgh.
The 60-cover eatery opened its doors on Saturday, July 9, and has plans to introduce a unique eating experience to customers.
“We are aiming to be different in all aspects,” Terri, who is originally from Cheshire but is currently residing in Lonmay, said.
“This includes different food that is of good quality, freshly made at reasonable prices, and healthier with European and African influences.
“The vibe will boast a holiday feel and we will have themed evenings, which no other restaurant is offering in the area.
“The beauty about being a ‘concept’ eatery is that we can change or add to the menu as often as we like.
“We don’t have to stick to just one type of food, we can experiment with exciting new dishes all the time to see what people like and want to eat.”
Luis’ invention, breakfast tortillas, are served until noon, along with breakfast baps and poached eggs with avocado on toast.
Loaded hot dogs, loaded chips, burgers, goats’ cheese and beetroot salad, sandwiches, soups, and paninis are among the standard menu items, while dessert options include Belgium waffle banana splits and bran and date muffins.
“We have been told that our loaded hot chocolate is the best ever,” Terri said. “And we serve really good Italian coffee.”
The majority of food on Gumboots’ menu is fresh and cooked to order.
However, Terri, Luis and Livinia are aiming to take bookings for their daily specials menu so when it’s gone, it’s gone.
The team only buys what is needed and often creates new dishes to add to their specials board to use up leftover produce before it goes out of date.
Terri said: “This approach saves food waste and money. We are happy to know that every plate of food we serve comes back empty from the tables – even whilst being generously sized portions.”
All fruit and vegetable peelings are placed into a compost heap, as well, and oil, plastic waste, cardboard, bottles, tins and cartons are recycled.
Terri, originally an IT consultant by profession, had always been interested in starting and running her own business.
She, Luis and Livinia have been involved in the hospitality industry for decades and have experience working in various different areas across the country – and the globe – including Portugal and London.
Before Gumboots, Terri had been eager to open an eatery since 2004.
However, it wasn’t until this year that the idea came to fruition. And the entrepreneur quickly ensured Luis and Livinia were on board.
Luis said: “It was never originally on my agenda but after some heated discussions with Terri, she convinced me.”
Livinia added: “For as long as I’ve worked in hospitality, I’ve always kept an eye out for any opportunities.
“I ran an Afro-Caribbean cafe in Aberdeen, however, this closed down due to the pandemic. When the opportunity for Gumboots came round I jumped at it in the summer of this year.”
The building was already kitted out with a commercial kitchen when Terri purchased the property in 2010 as it had been run as a café in the past.
But the refurbishment for Gumboots’ grand opening took two months, the work of which was carried out by the team.
The building is 13m by 8m and has a seating capacity of 40 inside and 20 on the terrace.
Terri went on to say: “We have only barely started and it’s exciting to know that our menu will be expanding and changing according to the seasons and evolving over time.
“The sky is the limit and the most exciting thing is seeing our food ideas coming to life and customers enjoying our dishes and returning regularly to try something else.”
Terri, Luis and Livinia are hoping to launch a takeaway service in the near future where customers can order everything from their loaded hot dogs and coffees to sandwiches and soups.
Gumboots Concept Eatery is open from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5pm on Saturdays, and 9am to 5pm on Sundays.
These hours may change during the winter, but all updates will be posted on the Gumboots Concept Eatery Facebook page.
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