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Haimer USA is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a live demonstration of its digital toolroom. Find out more past the aluminum panther.

Haimer USA’s digital toolroom promotes a more consistent toolholder assembly that enables faster setups, says Haimer USA president Brendt Holden. Photo courtesy of Haimer USA
Behind its aluminum panther in the West Building, Haimer USA is demonstrating its digital toolroom. Visitors to booth 431510 can see the benefits of a QR code- and RFID chip-enabled toolroom in setting up jobs, while also getting a glimpse into the capabilities of each of the company’s toolroom products.
Half of Haimer’s booth is dedicated to a model toolroom, where attendees can view presetters, inductive shrink fit machines and toolholder balancing systems in context. Here, Haimer representatives demonstrate the digital toolroom process, while Heidenhain and FANUC controls on display demonstrate the interaction between machine tool control software and Haimer’s digital toolroom software. Haimer USA president Brendt Holden says the software for its digital toolroom relies on QR codes and RFID chips to help customers manage tool life and maintain a consistent toolholder assembly, thereby enabling faster setups and more consistent production runs.
Visitors to the booth can observe 23 different machines from Haimer’s balancing, shrinking and presetting technology lines under power. Machines of various price points and styles are on display, giving visitors a clear picture of what is on offer for their particular applications. Also on display are a wide selection of the company’s tools and toolholders from the Duo-Lock, Haimer Mill and Safe-Lock lines.
IMTS attendees needing a moment to eat, drink or connect with sales or technical reps can also visit a lounge within the Haimer booth. Here, you can find memorabilia celebrating Haimer USA’s 20th anniversary, as well as the 45th anniversary of its parent company, Haimer GmbH.
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Haimer USA will be exhibiting new technology at IMTS 2022 in Chicago this September.
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