iGR: 'In-Building Wireless (IBW) Networks Decision Baseline' White Paper Outlines Benefits, Options, & Use Cases for Increasingly Important Technology, Commissioned by Red Bison – Business Wire

BELLEVUE, Wash.–()–As In-Building Wireless (IBW) networks continue to grow in importance for commercial property owners and managers, Red Bison, a Proptech and Digital Infrastructure Services Company with a highly flexible, vendor-neutral digital platform, commissioned consulting firm iGR to research and develop a white paper to assist property owners in evaluating this technology for their developments.

The white paper, “IBW Networks Decision Baseline,” released today, provides the rationale for adopting wireless technology in commercial properties, including multi-tenant buildings and hospitals; descriptions of the three primary technology configurations; and a decision matrix for selecting the optimum wireless technology for an IBW solution based on the needs, the application, and the type of connection.
According to Iain Gillott, founder of iGR and one of the industry’s leading analysts, because today’s commercial buildings are not designed to allow radio signals to penetrate into a building, an IBW network provides cellular or Wi-Fi coverage inside a building to provide critical communications and access to corporate applications.
“Different technologies can be used to support an in-building wireless network,” Gillott explained. “One size does not fit all needs, so when a building owner is selecting an IBW solution provider, it’s important to look for a vendor that is technology-agnostic and can provide a complete range of solutions, including cellular, Wi-Fi and wired to fit the specific needs of the users and applications.”
Lynn Martin, CEO of Red Bison, added, “Tenants and visitors of commercial buildings expect to have the ability to reliably and securely make voice and video calls, access corporate data networks, and connect to critical communications, which is particularly important in healthcare facilities. With an in-building wireless network, commercial property owners and managers can provide consistent, secure, reliable coverage inside a building, regardless of the age or size of the building, while increasing the value of their asset at the same time.”
About Red Bison
Red Bison, a PropTech and Digital Infrastructure Services Company with a highly flexible, vendor-neutral digital platform, simplifies the operations and delivery of advanced technology solutions that improve tenant satisfaction and increase asset values. The Red Bison digital platform seamlessly integrates and connects smart building, HVAC, IoT, and other facilities/management technologies to streamline and fully automate building processes while meeting requirements for increased performance, security, and sustainability.
About iGR
iGR is a market strategy consultancy focused on the wireless and mobile communications and digital infrastructure industries. Founded in 2000 by Iain Gillott, one of the industry’s leading analysts, iGR researches and analyzes the impact new wireless, mobile and digital infrastructure technologies will have on industries, the competitive landscape and on a company’s strategic business plan.
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