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More than 36,000 lightning strikes were recorded across the UK in just 12 hours on Monday, and more thunderstorms are on the way.
A stormy downpour could disrupt Liz Truss’ first speech as prime minister, which she is due to give outside Downing Street at around 4pm.
The Met Office is predicting an unsettled week of weather across the country, with heavy downpours interspersed with sunny spells.
Here’s where you can expect storms and the latest forecast for the week ahead.
Ellie Wilson, meteorologist at the Met Office, said Tuesday was going to be a “showery day” across the UK – especially in London – “with a risk of thunderstorms particularly through the afternoon from midday onwards”.
“That’s continuing all the way until late afternoon, early evening. There’s a chance of hail too,” she said.
You can use Lightning Maps’ tracker to find where lightning has recently struck. Most storms over the past 12 hours have been around the south-east of England.
The Met Office issued yellow thunderstorm warnings across south-east and eastern England on Monday, as well as parts of the south-west, the Midlands and Wales.
However, no further weather warnings are currently in place.
Autumnal weather is moving in this week as low pressure dominates the weather across the UK, the Met Office said, with an area of low pressure tracking across from the south-west.
Senior presenter and meteorologist Alex Deakin said: “We often have one area of high pressure controlling our weather, we’ve certainly seen that a lot through the summer. But one area of low pressure controlling things for a number of days is fairly unusual.
“By the time we get to Thursday, that low pressure is moving in across the UK. The isobars just perhaps starting to open up in places. It could be quite windy across the south-west on Wednesday night for sure, but otherwise, as this low moves in, what we could see is the showers become more slow moving so they last a little longer and they could drop more rain.”
During the first half of the week, each day will see a mixture of showers or longer spells of rain interspersed with drier periods. Some thunderstorms are expected, which could bring gusty winds and heavy downpours.
Heading into the weekend, there are signs that a ridge of higher pressure could form for a time, allowing the weather to settle down.
However, we can expect the weather to turn unsettled once again as we transition into next week.
Mr Deakins explained: “At the moment Saturday looks like being a largely dry day across the UK. Still a few showers here and there but turning drier.
“However, there’s another area of low pressure which is gaining quite a bit of attention. This one is bringing quite a bit of uncertainty into the forecast. It’s Hurricane Danielle in the subtropics now, as it drifts northwards it will no longer be a hurricane. But when you’ve got these highly energetic systems, it does make the forecast more complicated. It brings with it more uncertainty.”
Temperatures will remain relatively warm – in the mid to high teens in most areas, creeping into the early-20s in the South East and London.
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