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On The Riley Files, Oklahoma insider Kegan Reneau explained how Lincoln Riley’s support staff promoted the OU brand and marketed what the Sooners were doing on the football field. Delivering content to recruits through social media paid off.
“I’m not gonna sit here and say other schools and programs have caught up to Oklahoma (in technology and content in recruiting),” Reneau said. “Oklahoma was able to utilize something different … it always felt like Oklahoma really was (different) under Lincoln. They were putting content out as, ‘Hey, we have a product that you wanna see. We’re not gonna give you all the behind-the- scenes details, but here it is, this is what we’re doing. This is what we’re working on.’ I really think it allowed people to feel like they had a sense of being close to the program.
“This was early on, and I think that’s a different conversation as time goes on. People get more comfortable with the way they were utilizing and attacking social media as a way to promote the program. USC’s gonna have good moments this year and you’re gonna see them sell the hell out of them. They’re gonna have some bad moments and you won’t see USC talk about them too much. That’s for every program, but you really, really noticed that any good thing, any positive news for Oklahoma, they sold the ever-loving crap out of it. Whenever you have that, and you’re innovative with the way you’re using and attacking social media and the way you promote your program, that’s what made Oklahoma hip again.”

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