Logan Paul vs. Roman Reigns to headline WWE event in Saudi Arabia Nov. 5 – USA TODAY

The Paul brothers’ rapid entry into combat sports reached another major opponent Saturday when the WWE announced Logan Paul will stage a Nov. 5 pay-per-view match in Saudi Arabia versus the organization’s two-belt champion, Roman Reigns. Peacock will televise the match.
Paul moves to scripted fighting after meeting boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr., last year. Meanwhile, his younger brother, Jake, is training for an Oct. 29 professional boxing match against UFC legend Anderson Silva on Showtime.
“I have to attribute it to our hard work and how much noise we make,” “Hard work, that’s the answer,” Paul told USA TODAY Sports during a Saturday news conference in Las Vegas, where he boasted of his 30 million social media followers. “We like to make a lot of noise and kick a lot of (expletive).
“It’s about virality. This is the entertainment business. My brother and I will always bring (expletive) in seats. Roman Reigns and the WWE know that.”
Logan Paul, 27, was a distinguished high school wrestler and previously fought in WWE’s WrestleMania event in April, partnering with The Miz for a tag-team match in Dallas.
He said he expects his wrestling skill to help make the match entertaining, and to achieve a WWE championship.
Paul first participated in a doubleheader of fights with fellow YouTube influencer KSI in 2018, then landed a rematch main event on the streaming service DAZN in Los Angeles.
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His ability to parlay his social-media presence into calling out for fights has been incredibly effective, a model Jake Paul has also embraced while posting boxing victories over prominent names, such as of MMA fighters Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley. 
In Reigns, Logan Paul will meet the WWE’s most popular champion. He is the undisputed champion, wearing the universal championship belt and the WWE championship strap.
“He’s had two matches. I’ve been champion for more than two years,” Reigns said, turning to Paul on stage. “The fact he wants to step up to the main event … you need to crawl before you can walk. We’ll have fun with you for a few weeks, but when we get to Saudi Arabia, I’m going to smash you.”
Reigns was a guest on Paul’s podcast recently. The interview went smoothly, but Paul trash-talked Reigns when he departed, setting up a social-media exchange that led to Paul appearing on WWE “Smackdown” Friday night and inviting Reigns to appear at Saturday’s news conference.
Legendary WWE wrestler Triple-H, the head of the organization’s talent and creative relations, said despite Paul’s performing inexperience, he has earned respect and this main event.
“He takes this very seriously. There’s nothing we’ve told Logan Paul to where he doesn’t say, ‘I got it. I’m good. I’ll put on a show,’” Triple-H said. “When it comes to doing the work, there’s not an ask he doesn’t say yes to. It’s constant. That level of drive earns my respect. This is his passion in this moment.”
That ability to sell the story will be accentuated in the ring.
“At the end of the day, we’re going to put on a spectacle, a show like nobody else can,” Triple-H said. “If both parties are willing to make the effort and leave no stone unturned.
”Roman Reigns is in the spot he’s in because he thinks about this more than everybody – every nuance, every expression, every eyebrow, every head turn he does is thought out for a reason. That’s what makes him great. Those little things. There’s no factor he hasn’t thought about, no stone unturned, no factor he hasn’t thought about to know, ‘This is what I’m going to do.’
“He’s the consummate pro.”
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