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Alexandra May, 33, has just secured a contract with a major retailer to stock her TANDi luxury tanning brush, designed to give a flawless application of fake tan.
Alexandra came up with the idea for the brush before lockdown, after years of hit-and-miss results with tanning applicators.
She told the Yorkshire Evening Post: “I’ve been experimenting with fake tan since I was in my teens and I’ve got a long, well-documented history of fake tan disasters!
“I’ve tried every fake tan formula around, from wipes to mousses and gradual tans, and I’ve used every kind of applicator and tanning mitt available.”
Now a self-confessed fake-tan aficionado, Alexandra decided to create the product she needed herself.
Using tanning mitts, Alexandra struggled to get an even application around the contours of her face and body, particularly her hands, ears, neck and feet.
The TANDi brush is designed to glide over these areas, with black bristles and a long, wipe-clean handle to prevent stained fingers.
“Every aspect of the brush has been designed specifically with tanning in mind,” Alexandra added.
“It was very important that we used the most premium, fine and ultra-soft bristles that we could find and that they were cruelty free.
“The bristles are densely packed so they can hold the formula and they feel soft on the skin.”
Just as Alexandra’s brush was ready to go into production, the first lockdown hit.
With shipping costs sky high and manufacturing opportunities limited, she ended up offering the supply of PPE worldwide with a friend instead.
Alexandra said: “My initial reaction was just to watch and wait and see what happened.
“It got to a point where the shipping prices were still quite high, but I was itching to get going so I took the plunge and placed my first order.”
That was in December last year, and the TANDi brush is now stocked in salons across the country, has been endorsed by celebrity tanners and make-up artists and is set to hit the high street later this month.
“I’ve had nothing but positive responses about the brush,” Alexandra said.
“It’s so encouraging that people have got behind somebody entrepreneurial, a small brand, and support it.
“All entrepreneurs need that.”
Alexandra hopes her story will inspire other budding entrepreneurs with great ideas to “test it out, get as much feedback as possible, and go for it”.
She added: “I love the fact that I’ve created it and seen it into fruition, that’s the most satisfying feeling in the world.
“When it’s your own business, you feel every success and failure on a personal level.
“The highs are amazingly high when you get one step closer to your end goal.”
Alexandra has shared her top tips for an even and glowing tan.
She said: “Always exfoliate and moisturise before applying a tan, especially to the dryer areas of your body.
“And look at your natural complexion, skin tone, hair colour and eye colour.
“If you’re fair and go a very light golden brown in the sun naturally, then go for a light to medium coverage so the end result is natural.”


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