Meet Varun Datta, a venture capitalist who is funding ideas, mentoring firms, and earning success globally – Free Press Journal

Varun Datta is a global venture capitalist who provides funds to the seed stage, initial stage, and developing enterprises. These firms have a distinguished potential for developing and scaling. The sectors that he eagerly invests in are as follows:
● Blockchain Technology
● Health Care and Holistic Wellness
● Entertainment media like OTT platforms and content production
● Cannabis- CBD in the USA.
Varun not only makes investments but also equips these picked enterprises with his personal mentoring. He uses the practical as well as strategic knowledge he attained over the time of his career and guides them accordingly.
There are reasons why he prefers these particular sectors over others.
With the changing lifestyle, fast-paced life, and hectic routines, more and more health problems are materializing.
He believes that investing in the healthcare industry is essential to ensuring people’s holistic wellness.
Additionally, CBD has several medical advantages. He looks forward to promoting health and welfare. It is not just in demand, but in need too.
With the advent of new media, there is a need for both the stake of one’s digital assets and the openness of their transactions. Because of this, he is confident that funding the sector of blockchain technology is also a great investment.
Varun says that he sees himself expanding his business to a firm where he enables other young entrepreneurs to make attempts and develop their ideas with the support of his team and backing. He wants to create a safe space for ideas to be nurtured and nourished.
Capital venture investments are usually considered uncertain with their yields. They can either make you or shatter you. However, the risks hardly disquiet him. Varun Datta says what helps him is that he thinks with his mind but works with his heart.
Venture Capitalist, Varun Datta says success can’t be personal, you measure success in terms of the number of lives you impact. He provides an unbreakable recipe for business success.The most crucial factor in doing anything is having ambition and a purpose. Intention and will make up the second. Then follows a sequel of smart work, persistence, planning, endeavor, and patience.
His belief in himself is far too great to let the doubts creep in. That, coupled with the right kind of team and people, he says, is his greatest power.


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