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A big change is coming to the college football transfer portal as the NCAA has announced the introduction of so-called transfer windows.
The new changes will affect how often players can go from one school to another without penalty, while another major rule change was voted down.
The approved transfer portal windows create periods of time where athletes have to notify their coaches of their intent to transfer.
Changes are coming to the college football transfer portal
The new rule creates two transfer portal windows in college football and other sports: 
The new transfer portal windows will go into effect in time for the 2022-23 college football season.
"Like their peers in the general student population, college athletes choose to transfer for any number of reasons," Georgia president and NCAA board chairman Jere Morehead said in a statement.
"We believe the changes enacted today enable member schools to adapt to students' needs, while also positioning students for long-term academic success.
"These changes to NCAA rules recognize further study is needed on graduation rates before we consider authorizing multiple transfer opportunities with immediate eligibility.
"We will continue to review potential modifications to transfer rules as the landscape evolves over time."
In the same vote, the NCAA voted down the idea of players entering the transfer portal an unlimited number of times without penalty.
Such a rule would have created complete free agency in college football and other sports by allowing players to move schools whenever they want.
The NCAA announced new guidelines to streamline the infractions process and give faster resolutions to those who break the rules.
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