#NewsMedia Business Summit: E&P's Mike Blinder to present a motivational look at why now is the best time to be a news publisher: Attend: 'Just do it!' — A special session at next month's conference – Editor And Publisher Magazine

As a media sales consultant for over two decades, Mike Blinder helped generate over $100 million dollars of new ad revenue for newspapers worldwide. And just three years ago, he surprised the industry with his take-over of the iconic yet financially struggling Editor & Publisher (E&P) Magazine, which has tripled audience and revenue even during a global pandemic.
On the morning of Oct. 13, Blinder will help kick off the #NewsMedia Business Summit with a motivational presentation that will offer some of the back-to-basic approaches he used at E&P to achieve its success. Plus, he’ll feature real-word case studies from other successful, growing media groups that E&P has reported on over the past year. Attendees will leave with a real-world sense and actionable ideas of how to prosper by focusing on our essential strengths and keeping our “eyes on the ball.”
“I truly hope that some of the nearby publishers and ad directors in Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, New York and New Jersey will invest a few hours to drive to Harrisburg and join this event,” stated Blinder. “I have been working with our partners on the programming to ensure that each session includes actionable, easy-to-implement concepts and ideas that will help any size news media company boost audience and revenue immediately.”

The Oct. 12-14 #News-Media Business Summit, hosted by the 360 Media Alliance, E&P Magazine (Editor & Publisher), the Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association and I-SCMA, has a registration fee of only $299. In addition, the Harrisburg (Pennsylvania) Sheraton has a negotiated rate of only $129 a night, offering great value. “PNA had a long and proud history with our America East trade show, and we wanted to build upon that with this joint collaboration of the News-Media Business Summit,” stated Brad Simpson, president of the Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association. “Many attendees over the years loved the central location of America East since Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, is no more than a six-hour drive from over 1,000 daily and weekly newspapers. Hosting the Summit here locally will allow attendees to benefit from the sessions and networking without the costs and hassles of air travel.”
Planned programming includes a look at the success of email newsletters from The Boston Globe’s “Rhode Map, RI’s” LaDonna LaGuerre and Dan McGowan; a panel on fair compensation from Big Tech with the latest updates on the JCPA and the antitrust lawsuits now filed against Facebook/Meta and Google; LMA’s Guy Tasaka‘s talk on emerging new revenue verticals; and an in-depth look at local advertiser sentiment, presented by Corey Elliott of Borrell Associates. The keynote presentation will come from former GateHouse executive and now CEO of the NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame, Jim Porter.  A lively debate over the pros and cons of diminishing print frequency from Bill Ostendorf of Creative Circle Media and Al Getler of Coda Ventures and a deep dive into “Boosting Your Brand’s Value to Reconnect with the Coming Generation” from Richard E. Brown, a News/Media Alliance Rising Star recipient, former head of digital subscriber churn for Gannett | USA TODAY NETWORK and now the senior director of retention for The Daily Beast, rounds out the program.
For more information on the #NewsMedia Business Summit, head to the official Summit site at EditorandPublisher.com/Summit.
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