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Many of the papers picture author Sir Salman Rushdie receiving first aid after he was attacked onstage at an event in New York on Friday.
The Daily Mail says the author was stabbed up to 15 times, while the Daily Express calls the attack "frenzied". The Times quotes a woman who was in the front row and who told the New York Times that five men were needed to remove the suspect, who she describes as "furious" and "intensely strong."
An usher at the event tells the Daily Mirror that security was "lax", while the Daily Mail suggests there was anger among some in the hall that the writer was not given better protection. A retired lawyer tells The Sun that the security at the event – a single state trooper – was "totally inadequate."
The Guardian says there has been "worldwide condemnation" of the stabbing as an "attack on free speech". The Daily Telegraph notes that Iran's state broadcaster welcomed the assault and proclaimed that the fatwa against him is still valid.
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The i focuses on the drought declared in the UK, saying it will "shrink [the] UK's food crops". The Independent says UK food supplies could be threatened for more than a year. The Guardian says farmers have criticised water companies for what it calls "dithering" over imposing hosepipe bans.
According to calculations by the Financial Times, the cost of servicing the UK's debt and paying its welfare bill is set to soar by £50bn in the next financial year because of rising inflation and interest rates.
The Guardian is one of a number of papers reporting that tens of thousands of A-level students risk missing out on a place at their preferred university because of a sharp fall in top grades. A professor from Exeter University tells The Times that "this year will be the hardest admissions round in living memory."
As people prepare for rising energy bills this winter, the Daily Telegraph suggests one trade is benefiting – that of the chimney sweep. An industry body says it's been one of the busiest periods for sweeps, with most being fully booked until the autumn.
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