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PARAGOULD, Ark. (KAIT) – Hitting the trails can be a dangerous endeavor, but a Northeast Arkansas city is looking to change that using some advanced technology.
The city of Paragould has installed 10 cameras along the 8-Mile Creek trail to give citizens an extra sense of security.
The cameras are motion activated and powered by solar panels, making them completely self-sustaining.
Gregory Gonser uses the track every day to walk his dog and to get out and enjoy nature, but before the cameras were installed Gregory had very little sense of security
Gregory was always worried and wondered what was behind the bushes or around the next corner but that has changed.
“I walk my dog just about every day down through here and just having the cameras up makes me feel safe,” said Gonser. “They make sure I don’t get or my dog doesn’t get hurt or anything.”
The 10 cameras are giving runners the feel that someone is watching over them but it’s not enough. That’s why the city plans to add many more in the coming weeks and months.
Bob Hodge and his wife are avid walkers and love the trail, they believe the cameras are a nice addition to the popular spot.
“Well it is kind of reassuring to know that someone does have an eye on things in case you have a medical emergency or if you had a problem with someone,” said Hodge.
Hodge has not seen any mischief and hopes the buff in security does its job.
“It might tend to discourage someone from instantly making up their mind and doing something stupid,” said Hodge.
Parts of the 8-Mile Creek trail is still under construction, but for citizens like Hodge and Gonser, it will be well worth the wait.
“We have really been enjoying it we just kind of walk the same sections over and over here by our house, but I can see a great benefit to the community when it is all finished,” said Hodge.
Rain or shine these cameras will roll when activated and be monitored 24/7 by the Paragould Police Department. This is just one addition that the city is implementing to help keep its citizens safe.
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