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A SINGLE mum who works four jobs broke down in tears after swapping lives with a wealthy entrepreneur who pledged to invest in her dream business.
Appearing on Channel 5's Rich House, Poor House, Sue, from Scunthorpe, has to work seven days a week to support her teenage son James.
Along with her job in a doctor's surgery, the mum also does cleaning, fast food and hairdressing shifts to make ends meet.
However, the hard-working mum dreams of one day starting her own hemp food business – but doesn't know where to start.
As part of the television experiment, Sue and James swap lives with Nick and Sarah-Jayne – a wealthy couple from Lincolnshire.
The parents – who share two daughters Lucy and Megan – first met as teachers but now own a racing stable with a £4m yearly turnover.
While Sue and James are strapped for space in their terrace house, Nick and Sarah-Jane's sprawling country home has its own 'media room', a private lake and five bedrooms.
On top of this, they also have four rental properties in the area and a holiday home in France.
After paying her mortgage and bills, Sue and James have £10 a day to spend on food and activities.
In comparison, Nick and Sarah-Jayne splash out £1,300 on the family's lavish lifestyle.
Getting a taste of how the other half live, Sue treats James to a shopping spree in town – spending £455 on some new clothes for him.
Handing over the cash, the mum says: "This is more than my mortgage payment!"
Before attending one of the couple's horse-racing events, the mum then spent a further £100 on a stunning floor-length red dress, clutch bag and bracelet from a local boutique.
Throughout the week, Nick and Sarah-Jayne are introduced to Sue's friends – who tell them all about her dreams of running her own business.

Her pal of 20 years Jane tells them: "The biggest thing is just to get a better standard of living for her and James and not have to struggle all the time.
"She's mentioned a few [business ideas] – one in particular is around healthcare and the medicinal purposes of hemp.
"She's researched it and looked into it and I think she would like to carry that forward and see where it goes."
After speaking to a local health food business, Sue is determined to invest more time in the business idea – which is where Nick and Sarah-Jayne come in.
At the end of the week, the two families meet up at a hotel to discuss their experience of the experiment – and that's when Nick announced his desire to help Sue get started with her new venture.
He said: "My friend runs a food company and she advises people on how to get going in the food industry and I've arranged [for us] to go and see them and have a food business consultation.
"The aim is to basically give you the opportunity to do the food project that you've talked about and we'd also like to buy you a food wagon or van."
What's more, Nick offered to be a director of the business to help get it off the ground.
In response, Sue said she's "not frightened" of hard work required and broke down in tears.
Meanwhile, the couple also arranged to get James – who has plans to train as a plumber – some paid work converting a garage into rented accommodation too.
"I don't know what to say to you both," Sue said. "I just want to give you both a big hug."
Speaking to camera, the mum added: "I'm going to grab this opportunity with both hands and run with it.
"I can't tell you how over the moon I am."
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