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Hisense is an official sponsor of the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Fazal Rahman, marketing director, Hisense Middle East & Africa sheds lights on the various marketing campaigns lined-up for the event
Tell us about the brand and its presence in the Middle East.
Since its inception in 2012 in the UAE, Hisense Middle East has grown steadily into a multi-million-dollar business. The company is well-settled across the region, with strong growth indicators coming from across various categories. We are developing our business in both online and offline channels and are proud that it is now among the leading electronic brands in physical brick and mortar stores,  independent retail channels as well as major e-commerce platforms.  Over the years, we have successfully expanded its business operations across the Middle East region. To ensure we meet rising demand, we plan to expand our brand store network in other markets like Qatar, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia.
How Hisense as an official sponsor of FIFA is preparing for the event?
It is a unique and historic opportunity for us to leverage the world’s biggest and most popular sporting event happening in our region.  We are equally excited and thrilled.  As the tournament approaches, we will be launching FIFA marketing campaigns across various media platforms both offline and online, and there will be a great focus on consumer engagement through mall activations and roadshows, where the consumer can participate and win FIFA prizes.
We have planned an extensive, 360-degree campaign that incorporates digital, social, influencers, media, and in-store advertising; contests and competitions; and a general utilisation of mass media options such as outdoor and radio. We will be working together with all leading channel partners for extensive and exclusive campaigns and promotions to provide our customers invaluable opportunities. We are also sponsoring a daily roundup of the tournament on FIFA+, FIFA’s free global streaming platform. The show will emanate from FIFA’s official fan festivals, serving up highlights, interviews with celebrity guests, and live fan reaction.
For our business partners, stakeholders, and channels, there will special FIFA hospitality plans to allow them to experience the first FIFA World Cup 2022 in the Arab World. We will be penetrating the local and regional markets through compelling and engaging concepts and campaign ideas to further spread the brand and product awareness, direct communications with the target audience to leverage our partnership with FIFA and connect with customers. As an official sponsor, Hisense will be activating its contractual rights across the region to promote the brand and the business.
Tell us about your future plans.
As we accelerate into a new post-pandemic reality, we are committed to development across the region through an increase in brand partnerships, retail penetration, and fundamentally providing the best we can for our customers. In this part of the world, we are growing exponentially with the launch of four stores across three countries. We have plans to scale up our e-commerce business, seize the new trend of e-commerce development, continue to promote the expansion of new channels, and strengthen the e-commerce portion of the overall business. As a strategy, we are also diversifying into multiple B2B verticals such as commercial display solutions, light commercial ACs, medical devices and smart transport solutions.
Give us an overview about the current trends, the market size of this industry and what priority areas can re-write the rules of the electronics retail industry.
The current trends are driven by a shift in consumer behaviour that is ever evolving because of the effect of the pandemic on day-to-day life. Due to uncertainty, consumers crave a sense of control over their lives in terms of health, financial, social, and cultural matters. There is a clear trend of a behavioural shift among consumers, which we expect to continue, growing bigger and better with more expensive appliances as they feel the need to have state of the art, smart appliances in-home as a result of spending more time at home with family.Recently, consumers have shown to be eager to break out of their confines and explore, play, and embrace novel experiences – both virtually and in the ‘real’ world. This has impacted the consumer electronics industry too through purchase patterns, consumption patterns, buying behaviour, price sensitivities, etc. Going forward, AI-based products and technologies will be the preference, as well as in the appliances segment – eco-friendly and health-friendly products will be more in demand.


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