After Julie and Robert Biro's mom kicked the bucket in April, the siblings needed to see her body incinerated.

So they went to Alternative Cremation, a Colorado Springs memorial service home they accepted could do a "witness incineration" — which permits relatives to watch a friend or family member's body enter the crematorium.

In any case, not exclusively would Alternative Cremation not do an observer incineration, they likewise are declining to offer back their mom's body, the family claimed in a claim this week.

"It is currently three months since Defendants claimed Plaintiffs' mom's body yet Defendants have not returned Plaintiffs' mom's body as well as stays to Plaintiffs regardless of Plaintiffs' rehashed demands for their mom's body or stays," the protest, documented Wednesday in El Paso County District Court, charges.

The Biros likewise documented a grievance with the Colorado Department of Regulatory Affairs, which directs burial service homes, an organization representative affirmed. The grievance isn't freely available report since it stays open, said Lee Rasizer, the division representative, in an email.

Lenny Griffin, who runs Alternative Cremation, told The Denver Post on Thursday that he had barely any familiarity with any claim, however that "everything you're saying to me isn't accurate in any capacity whatsoever."

"We would like if the family would carry conclusion to this," Griffin said, noticing state controllers had done the examination concerning the "fraudulent allegations."

When inquired as to whether he actually had Martha Biro's body, Griffin said "you can figure out the underlying story."

"This entire situation is outrageous," he said. "I don't have any idea what else to say."
The Biros, in the claim, said they stressed over whether Griffin was appropriately refrigerating their mom. The proprietor declined to show them visual proof of her body, the family said.

At the point when they let Griffin know that they needed to take her body to one more business for the observer incineration, Griffin supposedly answered that "no one observers incineration any longer."

Robert and Julie haven't heard from Griffin since May, they claim in the suit.

"The Plaintiffs are holding on to play out their strict service for their mom however can't do so in view of Plaintiffs' carelessness," as per the protest.

State controllers gave a "letter of reprobation" to Griffin and Alternative Cremation in 2017,

saying the proprietor neglected to uncover an adjustment of evaluating for clients in the event that they utilized different installment techniques.