If you're pondering when Apple will deliver the iPhone 14 scaled down, this web storie has a few responses for you. 

The little will be the most recent rendition of Apple's well known telephone

The iPhone 14 day for kickoff will be in the fall of 2022, which is about a year after the fact than the iPhone 7 and 6S.

The iPhone 14 scaled down isn't supposed to be delivered until September of this current year, 

and the organization has a past filled with delivering its telephones in June,

however it's conceivable that it will be delivered as soon as August.

but has since pushed toward a fall day for kickoff.

This new small scale is apparently bigger than the ongoing 6.1-inch model.

The new model will deliver with iOS 16 and will be an incredible purchase for these special seasons

iPhone 14 Mini Launch Date in USA

While its delivery date is as yet unclear, almost certainly, Apple will begin pre-orders and update the delivery date before long.