Ellen DeGeneres honored previous sweetheart Anne Heche on Friday with a short however sincere directive for the entertainer's family and friends and family.

The previous moderator's assertion came after Heche's loved ones said the entertainer was mind dead following wounds supported in an auto collision last week.

Heche stayed in a coma while family decided if she was a counterpart for organ gift, as per an assertion from loved ones gave to CNN and NBC News.

"Today is a miserable day," DeGeneres composed on Twitter. "I'm sending Anne's youngsters, loved ones the entirety of my affection."

On Monday, DeGeneres was drawn closer in Los Angeles by a picture taker for the Daily Mail, who requested remark on Heche's condition at that point.

In the wake of taking note of that she and her ex were "not in contact with one another," DeGeneres added, "I don't believe that anybody should be harmed."

Heche had been hospitalized since Aug. 5, when she crashed her vehicle into a home situated in the Mar Vista neighborhood of Los Angeles.

At first recorded in basic condition, she purportedly fell into a state of unconsciousness three days after the fact and never recovered cognizance.

Recently, the Los Angeles Police Department affirmed that Heche had cocaine in her framework at the hour of the mishap.

DeGeneres and Heche dated from 1997 to 2000. The two ladies were among Hollywood's most hummed about couples 

standard culture was extensively less comprehensive of the LGBTQ people group.

In a 2020 meeting with Mr. Warburton magazine, Heche reviewed the kickback she'd got when she carried DeGeneres to the debut of her 1997 film "Fountain of liquid magma."