The brutal return of two anglers shows why we should face North KoreaThis is a paragraph (p)

The destiny of two North Korean anglers who were effectively gotten back toward the North in November 2019

Has detonated into an embarrassment that tears at the hearts and brains of anybody checking out at pictures

Of their exchange at Panmunjom, the d├ętente town 40 miles north of Seoul. 

Photos delivered by Chosun Ilbo, the South's greatest selling paper, uncover the awfulness of their obstruction

As South Korean troopers push them under the control of North Koreans on the line between the two Koreas.

The meaning of their acquiescence by the pacification disapproved of legislature of previous South Korean President Moon Jae-in 

lies in what it says regarding Moon's ability to bow before the North. 

The scene has stirred Koreans, and American activists, to the savagery

Of an exchange that brings up difficult issues about the South's readiness and capacity to face the North.

Among the more persuasive American pundits, Congressman Chris Smith (R-N.J.) said he was "stunned and frightened"

subsequent to seeing photos and video of the anglers as they "had to get back to socialist North Korea 

Despite their desire to the contrary and without fair treatment.

" Smith had gotten some information about the case in his ability as co-director of the House's Tom Lantos Human Rights Committee.

 "A careful examination," he said, is expected to figure out who in the Korean organization 

Had requested their return and for what conceivable legitimization.