The open world in Tower of Fantasy is home to a flock of wealth on the off chance that you know where to look.

A large number of the exercises you can finish, and chests you can find will give a consistent stock of assets. 

Lattice Data Packs are quite possibly of the most important asset in the game, as they are utilized to redesign Matrices.

These various sources will concede you a consistent inventory of Matrix Data Packs.

Abundance Missions - Daily missions that award Matrix Packs as a prize.

Secret phrase Chests - Using a Perfect Decipher will have a superior possibility giving you Matrix Data Packs.

Layered Trials - A multiplayer challenge room that can drop Matrix Data Packs upon culmination.

Mia's Kitchen - Matrix Data Packs are compensated after you eat one of Mia's free dinners.

Omnium Beacon - They drop as a compensation for utilizing these guides.

Focuses Store - Can be bought with store focuses.

Look out for these changed exercises and secret chests in the open world.

 Assuming that you're tenacious, you can accumulate numerous Matrix Data Packs right away. 

Utilize these to expand your Matrices and make your visit in Tower of Fantasy a wonderful one.