The Hologram Projector is an uncommon artifact that you can track down in Tower of Fantasy. 

Relics are intriguing bits of hardware that award your personality different abilities and capacities. 

Every one of these relics is remarkable and can be controlled up to build their battle potential. 

Relics can be procured in numerous ways, and the Hologram Projector is the same. 

This guide will clear up how for open the Hologram Projector in Tower of Fantasy and how it functions.

The most effective method to open the Hologram Projector in Tower of Fantasy

The Hologram Projector is an artifact; relics can be procured in more ways than one. 

Finishing Ruin prisons, advancing through the story, or performing side journeys can all net you another artifact. 

The Hologram Projector isn't opened from any of those sources. It comes from a not entirely obvious interactivity specialist called Exploration Rewards.

Investigation Rewards will give you uncommon things and stuff for finishing goals in the open world. 

To open the Hologram Projector, you should investigate the Warren district. 

Finding Omnium Towers, Scenic Points, and opening chests interestingly will contribute focuses to open this artifact for you.

You should procure 1035 Exploration directs in the Warren area toward open the Hologram Projector.