Cincinnati Bengals wide recipient Ja'Marr Chase didn't hold back much 

when inquired as to whether he'd exchange his Offensive Rookie of the Year grant for a Super Bowl ring.

Pursue gave a "damnation better believe it. Truly, better believe it. 

I'd exchange that speedy" reaction when asked during a new appearance on the "Turn Podcast" close by Tee Higgins and Tyler Boyd.

In light of what Bengals fans are familiar Chase up to this point this answer isn't excessively surprising.

 He won the honor on the rear of 1,455 yards and 13 scores in 16 games and change as a new kid on the block

And added one more 368 yards and one score north of four season finisher games.

However, Chase's response toward the finish of the Super Bowl said everything.

 He entered the association resolute he needed to crush the group's all's records yet additionally focused on nothing was a higher priority than winning.