After an offseason that saw the Kansas Chiefs lose two critical starters in the protective optional, fans have been anticipating that the unit should have a changed personality in 2022.

The group's expansion of promising security Justin Reid in free organization and cornerback Trent McDuffie from a draft day exchange up clarified

that the front office doesn't generally joke around about supporting resources toward the back of the guard.

It is not yet clear whether their ventures will take care of this season, yet the veteran Reid is now feeling a certain je ne sais quoi about his framework in the optional, and the guard overall.

To hear him tell it, instructional course is completely about building personality. Up to this point,

Reid and his colleagues have embraced the open door the group needs to revamp theirs from the beginning.

"There's something to be said about a new beginning," Reid told columnists on Wednesday. "This is a new-look protection, you could say. 

We have a great deal of new faces and a ton of folks who are coarse and have been ravenous for the chance to demonstrate their value and show their identity as players.

We need to be a mentality guard. We need to emerge and set the rhythm, we need to be physical, we need to be predominant.

"With regards to the furthest limit of the game and we have a lead, we need to be the ones to complete it and not need to depend on the offense to go out and do anything.