A Virginia man thought he had won a $600 prize in the state's lottery,

just to acknowledge he really won $1 million.

Jose Flores Velasquez purchased a "20X the Cash" scratch-off lottery ticket while getting sodas at a corner store after work.

He played the ticket and thought he had won $600, the Virginia Lottery declared a week ago.

Velasquez went to Virginia Lottery's client assistance focus to trade out the ticket.

At the point when he gave it to lottery staff, they saw the ticket merited the $1 million thousand award, as per the Virginia Lottery. .

The Virginia Lottery said there are three $1 million victors in the scratch-off,

furthermore, the possibilities winning it are around 1 in 1.754 million.

Velasquez decided on a one-time cash payout of $759,878, before charges, as per the lottery.

The store Velasquez purchased the ticket from got a $10,000 reward

from the Virginia Lottery for selling the triumphant ticket, as indicated by the lottery.