There was no terrific award champ Saturday of the public Powerball lottery.

As per the Multi-State Lottery Affiliation, the six Powerball lottery numbers were:

38-42-56-68-69, Powerball 4, Strategic maneuver 2x.

There was one Match 5 + Show of dominance champ of $2 million in Ohio.

 There was one Match 5 champ of $1 million in Wisconsin.

In Arkansas, there was one Match 4 champ of $100.

There was one Match 4 + Show of dominance champ of $200.

 There was one Match 3 + Powerball champ of $100.

Monday's Powerball bonanza will be an expected $193 million ($105.66 million money esteem).

Tuesday's Super Millions big stake will be $231 million ($125.8 million money).

LA Super Millions Next Draw : Friday September 13 2022