A lthough the quantity of red shirts have stacked up a little, 

the Carolina Panthers have nearly overcome the second seven day stretch of instructional course with next to no significant wounds. 

Tragically, nonetheless, that may now as of now not be the situation.

During scrimmage activity on Saturday, protective end Marquis Haynes Sr. supported what had all the earmarks of being a left knee injury. 

The 6-foot-2, 235-pound lineman, who was supported off the field by colleagues Brian Burns and Matt Ionannidis, 

was in the end hauled away into the storage space.

The Panthers have been outstandingly slim on pass rushers, 

to the place where both senior supervisor Scott Fitterer and lead trainer Matt Rhule want to add to their protective channels. 

Carolina as of late missed out on their endeavor to pull in double cross Pro Bowler Carlos Dunlap, 

who selected a one-year manage the Kansas City Chiefs last week.