The Rams nearly got away from their preseason opener sound, however nose tackle Bobby Brown left the game in the final part

 with what gave off an impression of being an extremely excruciating lower leg injury.

Brown had his right lower leg moved up on and was in apparent torment. 

Subsequent to standing up, he was offed the field via coaches and was coming down on his right leg.

Sean McVay gave an underlying update after the game, saying he accepts Brown will be OK in the wake of conversing with head mentor Reggie Scott. 

Yet, McVay needs to hang tight for the eventual outcomes prior to making an authority assignment.

"I believe he will be OK. Other than conversing with Reggie at first, we'll sit back and watch precisely, however he was fairly hopeful.

However, I need to stand by before I obtain the end-product," he said.

Brown has been suspended for the initial six rounds of the normal season, yet he's qualified for the preseason, 

so these are basic games for him as he battles to make the program once his suspension is lifted.