All things considered, we need to continue to find out about it for one more week.

By overcoming the Titans, 23-10, the Baltimore Ravens have won their 21st straight preseason game, dating as far as possible back to 2015. 

It's an unsurpassed NFL record. However, since it includes games that are innately trivial, what significance does it truly have?

Last year, mentor John Harbaugh guarded the meaning of the record when the Ravens got to 19, matching the Lombardi-period Packers.

"There will be individuals that will say this amounts to nothing," Harbaugh said. 

"There will be individuals that will take a gander at it and say, 'Goodness, that is something.'

 I'm of the conviction that everything has significance throughout everyday life. . . . 

That large number of folks who were a piece of that over those years ought to be pleased this evening of that since it's something 

only another group has at any point finished — the Vince Lombardi Green Bay Packers. I'd say that is remarkable."

It's a demonstration of the seriously cutthroat nature of John Harbaugh.

Furthermore, as long as his cutthroat nature doesn't inspire him to do idiotic things,

similar to re-embed starters late in a nearby game (e.g., Rex Ryan getting Mark Sanchez harmed in the Snoopy Bowl), it's no biggie.