Resigned DB Jason McCourty says Tennessee is home: 'I'm a Titan'

Regardless of playing for different groups during his 13-year profession, resigned previous Tennessee Titans guarded back 

Jason McCourty says his actual home is where everything began: in Tennessee.

McCourty was a 6th round pick of the Titans back in 2009, and he enjoyed eight seasons with the group prior to continuing on toward play for the Cleveland Browns, 

New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins in the years that followed.

What's more, while McCourty endured a ton of losing in Nashville and won a Super Bowl in New England, 

he actually thinks about the previous his home, as he told MMQB's Albert Breer.

"As any youngster can envision, you have a kin that is close in age, not to mention an indistinguishable twin,

And you got to play together and win the Super Bowl together that way. 

That is a storybook finishing," he said. "So that was the best time. Be that as it may, Tennessee is home.

 On the off chance that someone asked me, I'm a Titan. Tennessee was eight seasons, needed to persevere through a great deal of losing however felt like we were placing blocks there.

I got hitched in Tennessee, had every one of the three of my children, so that is home.

In any case, Tennessee and New England, those are the two spots for me. One was home. One was the best time I've had playing football."

During his time in Nashville, McCourty, who was an example of true excellence the whole way despite the fact that he never made the end of the season games, 

climbed from a late-round draft pick to an important starter who was surprisingly reliable.

He credits two previous Titans for assisting him with arriving at that point.

"Cortland Finnegan and Chris Hope were my two people when I arrived to Tennessee," he said. 

 "I most likely could never have made it 13 years without those two people. I had a discussion with Cortland Finnegan when he was finished.