Houston Texans second-round wellbeing Jalen Pitre proceeded with his great play in the club's 17-13 win over the New Orleans Saints Saturday night.

The Baylor item acquired the beginning solid security work because of his skill for magically transporting to the football,

furthermore, Pitre kept on establishing the vibe inside NRG Stadium.

The close by Stafford High School champion got done with five performance handles and one tackle for misfortune,

cutting down Saints pursuing back Dwayne Washington blasting into the backfield like an intensity looking for rocket.

Mentor Lovie Smith will need to feature this play in their film audit of the game, as it addresses his training reasoning.

As a safeguard, Houston is being instructed to forcefully fly towards the football and assault — Pitre is tailor-made to lead this play style.

On various events, the Texans wellbeing would show up all of a sudden, transporting from off the TV screen to which at any point Saints' player had the ball.

Pitre was likewise perilously near a capture off a tipped ball, which was pulled in by cornerback Tremon Smith all things being equal.

This play shows how Pitre's football senses and dangerous physicality set him strategically positioned to make plays.

Similar as how a magnet is attracted to metal, Pitre is attracted to the football.

While the new kid on the block wellbeing just played a couple of drives for the first-group protection, it was obvious that he something other than had a place,

in any case, even flourished. All nonstop certain movement is the objective for Houston's young center players

what's more, Pitre will get one more opportunity to work off this electric presentation at the Los Angeles Rams on Aug. 19.