Tower of Fantasy “Unable to connect to the server” How To Fix

Pinnacle of Fantasy has its portion of issues with regards to game servers.

The send off didn't go that easily as more than 4,000,000 pre-enlisted players endeavored to sign in the second the game went live.

In spite of the fact that engineers have expected issues, they couldn't forestall them.

You can attempt a couple of techniques on the off chance that you actually get an "unfit to interface with server" message when you attempt to sign in.

The most effective method to settle the "Unfit to associate with server" issue in ToF

Assuming you frequently get "unfit to interface with server," that generally implies that server is full.

 Servers are separated by locales (mainlands), where each district has accessible servers for you to browse.

Red servers are the bustling ones, yellow is half full, and green one conveys a smooth gaming experience.