Two men indicted in Texas truck carrying case in which 53 travelers kicked the bucketPhil Helsel

Two men were arraigned Wednesday on government charges in the passings of 53 travelers who kicked the bucket after the heavy transport they were in was found deserted in San Antonio last month, administrative examiners said.This is a paragraph (p)

The June 27 occurrence is accepted to be the deadliest human carrying cases in current U.S. history.
Fifty grown-ups and three kids kicked the bucket after the vehicle was found in San Antonio, authorities have said.

Zamorano, of Pasadena, Texas, and Martinez, of Palestine, Texas, were prosecuted on charges of trick to move expatriates bringing about death, transportation of displaced people bringing about death, and different counts, the U.S. lawyer's office said.

Those two includes convey up to life in jail or capital punishment, examiners said.
Lawyers addressing the two men didn't quickly return demands for input Wednesday.
Zamorano matched the depiction and was wearing similar garments as the driver of the vehicle, found in reconnaissance video at a migration designated spot, examiners have said.

He was purportedly seen concealing in brush and was captured by San Antonio police who answered the truck, as per court archives.
Martinez' telephone showed he spoke with Zamorano, asking where he was, and a classified source supposedly let specialists know that Martinez conceded being involved and that he recognized the driver as "Homer," as per a criminal protest.

As per the criminal grievance, Martinez "said the driver was uninformed the cooling unit quit working and was the justification for why the people passed on."

The truck was found in a lacking area of southwest San Antonio close to railroad tracks. An individual who works in the space detailed hearing a weep for help and spotted no less than one body, authorities have said.

Police and fire authorities depicted showing up to track down bodies inside the heavy transport, and patients who were hot to the touch.
Notwithstanding the charges connected with the passings, the two men were likewise arraigned on one count every one of scheme and transportation of expatriates bringing about serious substantial injury and putting lives in danger, examiners said. Those counts can convey as long as 20 years in jail each.

Two different men captured regarding the examination concerning the sneaking occurrence were arraigned on weapons charges Wednesday, investigators said.
Juan Francisco D'Luna-Bilbao and Juan Claudio D'Luna-Mendez are accused of one count every one of ownership of a gun while unlawfully present in the United States, the U.S. lawyer's office said.

They are Mexican residents who said they outstayed their visas, as per a criminal objection recently documented against them.
The men were arrested in discrete rush hour gridlock stops after they left the San Antonio home recorded on the enrollment for the heavy transport, the U.S. lawyer's office said.
A handgun was found in the truck D'Luna-Bilbao was driving, and different firearms were found at that home, as per court reports..